Tips to Master art of Surfing in CSGO – Learn the Basics Here

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a widely popular game for multiplatform with a range of advanced features, intense gameplay, vivid graphics and hard to play mechanics. Ranking up is the primary goal among everyone, and it can be done by increasing the number of kills, earning experience points, ELO points and more.

cs:go surfing

Even though you are progressing at a faster rate, this game might seem boring once you have played thousands of matches. In such cases, surfing seems like a fun thing and most of the gamers are preferring it on a daily basis. If you are also willing to try out something new, then you can check out the method to surf in CSGO.

It is a mode that is created by experts, and anyone can add into the gameplay (especially someone with skills). You can find plenty of maps to surf where the gameplay is unique, and you have different mechanics to deal with. Once you have used the developed console to get a new map and activated it, you need to master the art of surfing.

  • Start by Jumping – The primary goal you will find that, you need to jump on the ramp. As you jump, you are on the surfing surface, and it will be slightly tricky but don’t worry if you fall here. On all the maps, the controls will be the same, so you need to master the basics here.
  • Controls – The controls are slightly different here, and you can use A or D to remain on the surface. You have A to move left and D to move right. It will change the slide also. Once you are on the ramp, use these two keys to master the way to slide effective. Make sure that you stay as close as possible. As you are close to the ramp, chances of falling are lower. These two commands are essential for the progression.
  • Pointing Crosshair – It is important that you look after pointing the crosshair in an adequate direction for perfect surf. You can find that the character moves when you change the direction of the crosshair. Keep pointing the crosshair in an adequate direction, and it will give you better control as well as a better view which can help with the completion of a level.
  • Avoid W/S  – You might be wondering that what W and S keys are used for when the side keys are for a change of ramp. Well, if you press W or S by mistake, it will spoil the gameplay. Avoid using these keys because there is no use of the same. You need to move on ramps only and look after the surroundings. This is everything that you absolutely need for perfect gameplay in CSGO surfing mode.

    Thus, surfing is fun stuff in CSGO. If you don’t have anything to do in the original game and want to try out something new, then this is a reliable option, and you can take it into consideration for sure.

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