Top 3 Most Downloaded Mobile Esports of All Time


Smartphones are getting high-end processors and GPUs which are capable of loading intense graphical games. These smartphones-cum-computers are getting intense eSports from many famous studios. Some say that eSports is only about computer gaming, but it isn’t the truth yet! All the developments which made gamers crazy are counting in.

The below mentioned are three widely popular eSports that are loved all around the world due to their unique gameplay and battle features.

mobile esports
  1. Clash Royale – Supercell developments are wild and full of battle features. This multiplatform (iOS and Android) mobile title, Clash Royale, has a deck of 8 cards, each card is about a particular character with unique abilities and powers. When you battle against opponents, you use these cards to destroy the opponent’s base and taking over them.
    There are rounds, and each round is of 3 minutes. The reason behind intense popularity is unique gameplay and the ability to create a quirky deck after unlocking some better cards. This game is also based on virtual currencies like Gold, Gems, Elixir, and more. Even the regular updates are bringing more stuff into this mobile title, which can make you love it.
  2. Mobile Legends – Mobile Legends, a Moonton development, has been in trend for its 5v5 battle. This multiplayer game has the option to make a squad or play solo. The main focus is about the battle between two teams. All five players can choose the type of character they want and unleash the true power of each character.
    There are three lanes in the battlefield, Top, Middle, and Bottom. They connect to the bases, and it is battle against the computer-controlled bots. It seems easy but requires lots of focus on strategy to take over the opponent. Apparently, many other quests and missions are there to unlock. This game is at number two in terms of download hits, which make it a highly appreciated game of a long time.
  3. Vainglory – This multiplatform development of Super Evil Megacorp is available for Android, iOS, and PC. It is a MOBA style battle game focused on strategy building and enhancing the overall mechanical skills in the game. It is a multiplayer mobile title and requires creating a squad and then battling against the enemy.
    After six years of its first release, there are millions of download hits if combined from all the platforms. The reason is unique gameplay and the feature to choose heroes among 50 epic characters. Finding the perfect character and creating your team of the powerful hero is everything that enhances the overall experience here.


    While downloading this mobile title, you can find all the unique features that can impress you. The availability of these games on both platforms, iOS, and Android, enhances the exposure level. On the other hand, strategy building gameplay is the key reason behind such a huge hype behind these mobile titles. You can find championships for these games also, and they have prize pools also.

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