Top 4 OP Champions Of MSI 2019

The MSI is here and Riot has decided to bring a lot of surprises for the MSI patch (9.8). Only 6 League of Legends champions suffered nerfs during the last two patches, while 21 received decent buffs. These changes are likely to significantly alter the MSI’s drafts compared to the playoffs in each region. Let’s have a look at the League of Legends Champions who will make the Summoner’s Rift tremble during the finals.



After receiving substantial buffs at patches 9.6 and 9.8, Nautilus seems ready to return to competition. Strangely, it is not in support, nor in the jungle or even in the top lane, but in mid. His extensive base damage combined with his tankiness makes him the new Lissandra.



We are well aware that Azir has never really disappeared from the professional scene. Yet he felt underpowered compared to other mid-laners in the early game, making him a risky pick. With a buff of his attack speed in patch 9.4, a buff of damage on his Q and the regeneration bonus in patch 9.7. It seems like he is well on his way back to the mid lane. Azir got buffs at the cost of other mid laners like Lissandra so it will be quite a popular pick at MSI. We cannot wait to see Faker playing it!

Sejuani was a leading pick at the beginning of the season. Yet she disappeared from the radar screens in favor of Jarvan and Rek’Sai. The damage buff brought to her in patch 9.8 will enable the champion to return to the top ranks of junglers. She is now better equipped to fight in the early game. Sejuani is also a decent pick when it comes to securing objectives such as a dragon or the Herald at the beginning of the game.


Trundle OP Champions MSI 2019
Credits: Riot Games

After buffs on the attack speed of his Q and E, plus the cooldown reduction on his ultimate, Trundle could make a comeback. There is also a possibility that Trundle can now adapt to several roles. This makes him an even more interesting champion to pick in the draft.

Sona / TARIC

Sona / TARIC

These two picks were quite popular for some time. In MSI 2019, Sona and Taric can appear as a phenomenal duo in the bot lane, since they are well capable of switching roles. Taric starts taking the CS while Sona farms her items, then they reverse their roles as the game progresses. This duo with a very strong tank in the top lane is capable of inflicting solid damage.

Sona and Taric offer incredible support during team fights. The longer the game lasts, the more this composition becomes overpowered. This pressure of the late game can push the opposing team to make errors. The solution is to ban one of the two champions, which will surely happen during the competition.

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