Top 5 PS5 games

Most players are eagerly waiting for the release of PS5 as, with that many new games are also releasing.  Sony has declared that PS5 will definitely bring something new when it gets released at the end of this year. In 2020 along with the PS5, according to the Xbox games, the console of PS5 is estimated to be released in October. Most of the games have got official confirmation to be got released for the PS5.

There are various games available for PS5, which will attract most of the players to this new generation. The developers of the device have confirmed Sony for the release of the new games, especially for PS5. When you prefer to buy PS5, then always remember to get proper knowledge about it so that you won’t face any problem. The new generation of Sony has many new features that help the players to have more fun while playing.

Top 5 PS5 games

You might be very excited about knowing the new games which are coming to play on PS5. It is that so, then you should consider the information given below so that you can get to know about the various new games.


It is the first game where the developers have cast the iron confirmation, especially for the PS5. God fall was being created by the Borderlands developer, who usually develops the counterplay games. It has been officially confirmed to get released in 2020 so that players can able to play on PS5. This is the first game which is called as “looter slasher” by the developers.


It is the imagination game that helps the players to experience the third person in the game to kill their enemies. It has a very good fps in the game which helps the players to have such a wonderful view.


It’s a kind of PUBG in which various soldiers are present, and when any war takes place, they have to leave at a time. It can help the players to experience the war well and makes them feel like a soldier.


It is such a great game that has jumps for PS5 as it has so many new features, and players will feel blessed while playing on it. The main lead character of the game is Eivor, which is present in both male and female options.


It is not one of the best games or well-known game, but in 2001 it was considered as the best game of the times. Every player has this game on their PC’s for having fun and enjoyment. And now, it is reinvented for the PS5 generation.

Wrap It Up

You can able to know about the best five officially confirmed games that are released for the PS5 generation. It can help you to have a great experience in one of the older games with a new twist.  You should prefer to play these games if you want some twists in the game while playing on PS5.

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