Top favorites of Major Berlin 2019 - Main Qualifier

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StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 starts this week. One of the most prestigious Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitions will take place in Germany from August 23 to September 8. There will be 24 teams that will be fighting for the Legend’s Status. In this article we will have a comprehensive look at the top 6 candidates that will be aiming to dominate the qualifying phase.


The French squad is in hot form at the moment as they are sitting at 2nd place in the global rankings. It seems obvious that the team will qualify to the playoffs without and major problems. The greatest asset of the side is the formidable chemistry between the young talent “ZywOo” with players of “the old guard” of CSGO. Since the lineup includes players who competed in some of the best teams in the world like Envyus 2015-2017.


The North American team has gone through several changes in both aesthetic (the logo) and roster. It seems that they have formulated a strong team by signing Stanislaw and tarik. Despite being big favorites, they have to be careful because they depend heavily on “ceRq” to get the first casualties with the AWP. We hope that the team gets through to the playoffs as we are anxious to see tarik in his new team.


It is hard to imagine a Legends Phase without G2. The roster includes some of the best French nationals.The likes of “KennyS” and “Shox” will lead the side from the front and will be aiming to make a strong mark in the CS:GO Major.


Mousesports follow the footsteps of Vitality. Since they host a strong lineup which coordinates the legends of the game with the young talent. The best quality of the side is that they play with unique strategies. One of the most interesting ones is winning games by 3 AWPers. Yet the Mouse seems to crumble under pressure. We hope that the side replicates its ESL Cologne 2019 form, in the competition they beat the likes of FaZe and Na’VI.


North will seek to redeem itself from the ridiculous result of the last Major where they did not even qualify for the competition. We believe that the mental strength of the side will be vital in their progress to the next stage. Since “Kjaerbye” has been playing spectacularly and the Dane is one of the most talented players in the tournament.


The Serbian team sits at 16th spot in the world rankings and on its way to the competition defeated one of CSGO’s most iconic teams, Fnatic. The side shows brilliant chemistry which justifies the fact that it’s been years since the changes their lineup. All of the players on the team hold a positive K/D ratio so they won’t go down without a fight. We should expect them to beat some of the strongest teams in Berlin.

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