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Konami will build a complex entirely dedicated to eSports

Konami is engaged in the construction of a twelve-floor center in Tokyo, entirely dedicated to eSports. This building is one of the first steps Konami is doing to improve the eSports scene in the homeland.

The Konami Creative Center will act as an eSports hub. It will also focus on developing a place for players to shop and train for future competitions. The center will be equipped with high-tech hardware and facilities that will help the players to maximize their potential.

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Credits: Konami

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When will it Arrive?

This building comes at a time when the Japanese eSports federation is pushing to make a mark in the region. Konami, together with other major publishers such as Capcom and Sega, is working to become more involved in eSports. The company states that the building should, in theory, be completed by the end of the year.

Konami is a computer games publisher. The studio has developed projects such as Pro Evolution Soccer, Metal Gear and Silent Hill. The company also manufactures toys, anime, and other products.

Cloud9 and BMW, Sponsorship Agreement

The agreement concluded between Cloud9 and BMW marks the first time entry of the automaker in the eSports. This is not the first time BMW entered eSports. In 2017, the company sponsored the final part of the 2017 EU LCS Summer Split in Paris.

Cloud and BMW - Esports Trending

Credits: Cloud9 Twitter

In addition to BMW, there are other car manufacturers in the eSports industry. Mercedes-Benz entered into a partnership agreement with the tournament operator ESL in 2017. While Audi is the sponsor of the teams like Astralis and Origen.

Cloud9 signing big names

BMW is the second major addition to Cloud9 this week. Following Tuesday’s announcement of a partnership with AT&T, which will present a series of videos called ” The Nines “. AT&T will also sponsor the “center” of the Cloud9 team headquarters. They will be able to boast the logo on the back and sleeves of the uniforms.

Cloud9 has not yet revealed the full scope of the BMW sponsorship. Although the automaker’s logo already appears on the team’s Twitter banner. According to the founder and director of the club, Jack Etienne: In the near future, the players and streamers of the organization will take part in the filming of commercials for BMW.

HellRaiser’s CEO Resigns

Alexey “xaoc” Kucherov left the post of CEO of HellRaisers. Kucherov said that the reasons for his departure “are too confusing.” Alexey Magician Slabukhin, who previously held the position of head of the marketing department, becomes the new CEO of the organization.

HellRaiser's new CEO

Credits: HellRaisers

Kucherov has been working at HellRaisers since 2016. During his leadership, the staff of Dota 2 HR qualified for The International 2017. While the CS team lifted a decent number of titles at several major tournaments. Owing to their achievements, the side received the status of “legend” at FACEIT Major – London 2018.

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