Upcoming CS:GO Matches

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Upcoming CS:GO Matches

Watching live Counterstrike matches is an exciting way to add depth to a game that you love. Video game aficionados may flock to these opportunities the same way baseball fans crowd around the TV anytime a game is on.

In this article, we look at where to find matches, why to watch them, and what sort of benefits you can expect to enjoy.

Find all the upcoming CS:GO Matches

Counterstrike Global Offensive matches are perpetually slated for live streaming. We are talking about a game with competitive matches that stream not just daily, but in certain cases, hourly. Here, we offer a robust list of all the upcoming CS: GO matches.

If you become a true fan, you can also make a point of following specific teams or players. In that regard, following competitive Counterstrike can be very similar to any other category of sports fandom.

Why Watching These Matches

Competitive video gaming still suffers somewhat from stigma. Lovers of the video games are, from a societal standpoint, sometimes discouraged from feeling as strongly about their hobby as lovers of sports are about theirs. It’s highly accepted to tell someone that you have plans to watch the Super Bowl—but it may be viewed as less typical to mention that you plan on watching a competitive Counterstrike match.

So, why watch these matches? Well, there is an obvious answer: because you like it! That’s why anyone watches anything, and your life will be significantly richer if you indulge your passions without concern for what others think of them.

Of course, getting your geek on isn’t the only reason to watch a Counterstrike match. If you play this game yourself, there are actual benefits to watching the matches.

Improve Your Gaming Experience

One of the most obvious benefits is that watching Counterstrike matches can add texture to your own playing experience. With other sports, it is very difficult to replicate the professional playing experience on your own turf.

No matter how much time and energy you dedicate to baseball, for example, you will never be able to recreate the Yankee Stadium experience at your local park.

With video games, things are quite different. Any Counterstrike player can experience weapons, characters, and locations that are similar or identical to the ones that they view on competitive matches.

How much more enjoyable will the game be if you can you find yourself enjoying a taste of glory in your own play that you once saw unfold in a competitive arena? That’s part of the joy of competitive gaming: even as an amateur, you have the opportunity to occasionally, even if only for a moment, replicate the success of the professionals.

Learn New Tricks

As one might imagine, no one understands the game of Counterstrike better than professionals. As you watch them play the game, you can’t necessarily absorb their enhanced reflexes, nor the hours of practice that they have put into preparing for their moment of competitive glory. You can, however, learn from some of their competitive tricks.

Professional gamers tend to play their games quite differently than the average consumer. For example, the pros tend to be very mindful with how they handle their weapons. As you watch, try to observe their spray patterns. Where do they direct their ammunition? How often do they reload?

You will notice other things as well: pros use their grenades tactfully to score big. They know the map like the back of their hand, and they are abundantly aware of when it is time to change positions so that the enemy doesn’t grow overly familiar with their strategy.

By seeing these tactics in action and truly absorbing them, you can improve your own playing style and become significantly more effective in winning at a game you love.

Get Inspired By the Professionals

Last but not least, you may find yourself actually inspired by the professionals. Most gamers that are serious about their craft have found themselves dreaming of getting paid to play. It’s actually possible. Professional gamers are particularly successful in North America and Europe, and the average player makes a higher than average salary (with superstars like Ninja bringing in 7-8 figures annually).

If you’re like most video gamers, you’d probably relish in the opportunity to earn money doing something that you love. The path to video game stardom starts with a dream and watching professional tournaments and Twitch streams is a great way to plant the seeds for that inspiration, while also learning valuable tactics to give yourself a competitive edge.

Professional play is not easy, but everyone has to start somewhere, right? If you dream of one day getting more serious with your video game hobby, watching competitive matches is a great way to do it.

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