Uzi Will Be Dedicated To Win Next Time

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This year marks the return of the Legends of the game. They are back on the big stage to set their sights on the most prestigious titles in eSports.

Uzi needs a title

If a man knows what it’s like to be second, it’s Uzi. Twice finishing second in the World Cup, five times second place finish in LPL China.  Although considered one of the best AD Carrys of his generation, Uzi spent more time in the shadow of the big winners than raising trophies. Last year, everyone shouted his name in the grand finale, he had to win! But G2 Esports decided otherwise and Uzi once again had to go home without a title. He does not give up anything and remains relentless. With five participations in the Worlds without success, 2019 could finally be his year.

Invictus Gaming had a good start to the year but is not doing very well in the second half of the season. Maybe this could motivate Uzi and his men to take up the torch and finally enjoy international success. Whatever the difficulties of the past, the efforts of Royal Never Give Up will not go in vain if it gives its all at the 2019 Worlds. RNG is the only team in this tournament that truly represents its name.

The return of Faker

Three-time world champion, eight-time South Korean champion, two-time champion at MSI. This list marks the achievements of one and only, Faker. Considered a legend by many fans of eSports and League of Legends. True to SK Telecom T1 from the beginning, the Korean player was not present at the 2018 World Championships. After a disappointing run in the Worlds 2017 finals, SK Telecom T1 had gone through a fairly significant restructuring phase of its workforce. So, 2018 was a hit and trial period for the team. This year, Faker and the crew won two titles in LCK and have returned to fight for the Worlds title.

If the tournament gets off to a flying start in a group with Royal Never Give Up and Fnatic, then we expect them to go the grand finale. Only Faker and the coach kkOma are the world champions in the current SK lineup. However, the players who accompany them are all experienced and have a lot to show: Teddy, Mata, Clid, Khan and a second team of equally talented replacements waiting to show their teeth at the big stage.

Suffice to say that SK Telecom T1 and their legendary mid laner are hungry for this world title. It will be the redemption and a return to the Korean era in League of Legends. Group stage matches will be held in October 12–15 and October 17– 20 in Berlin. You can follow the championship on Twitch and on the official League of Legends website

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