Valve releases Dota Underlords for Battle Pass owners

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On the night of June 14, Valve released early access to Dota Underlords. For the first week, only Battle Pass owners of TI9 will be able to try the game. Here, we tell you how the new version of Auto Chess differs from the original.

Mobile interface

Dota Underlords is an independent game that will be available on PC and mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems. According to Valve, it will be a cross-platform multiplayer title. This is perhaps why the interface in the PC version looks like a smartphone application.

All the important elements seem too large on a monitor screen, but on mobile devices, they will be just the right size. Valve clearly tried to make the interface as informative as possible: all the information about classes and races can be read in the store. They have also demonstrated decent combinations of the classes.

Reworked item system

In general, the gameplay is no different from Auto Chess original. The same field of 8×8 and figures of characters have made the leap from Dota 2. The economy in the game also remains the same, but Valve did change their system for item drops. In Underlords, items do not fall from dead creeps, but are issued after each round. The player can choose an item or one of the two proposed bonuses for races and classes. Units can have only one item at a time, and they can be shifted between them. The players will have access to the same items as they had in Auto Chess, including those that are not even in Dota 2.

More action coming our way

The last difference between Underlords and Auto Chess – the absence of any cosmetic animations. Leveled up units only increase in size, and couriers are nowhere to be seen. Most likely, all this together with the custom design of the fields will appear in the full version, but at the moment, the game really lacks in the animation department.

At the time of this writing, Battle Pass holders have access to two modes – single and multiplayer. In the first, you can compete with bots; Valve has promised to add a full-fledged training mode in the future.

The rise of the Auto Chess genre

Auto Chess is the latest phenomenon in the gaming world, best showcased by the events of the last few weeks. This new genre appeared in the Arcade Mode of Dota 2 back in October. Since then, it has attracted millions of players, and more companies have decided to take advantage of its popularity.

In May, Drodo Studios announced a version of Auto Chess on smartphones. Later this year, it will appear on PC via the Epic Games Store (but without heroes from Dota 2, of course). Valve announced its own version, as we have just seen, and now we have also learned that this genre will make its way to League of Legends. Let’s see in a few months how this new genre stacks up in the eSports industry!

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