Dota 2 is banning some players until 2038

Valve has distributed several bans this week in Dota 2. As a result, the players affected by these bans can no longer play ranked games for 19 years. The developers have announced that they will continue to implement these bans in the future. Among the reasons of the ban include smurfing and the buying and selling accounts.

On 17th September, Valve announced in a blog post that they would like to invest more time in the quality of matchmaking in Dota 2. Therefore, from now on, there will be tougher penalties for players who participate in smurfing or unfair behavior in a match. Valve has also imposed the ban hammer of justice even on selling or buying high ranked accounts. The first out-turn of this decision has been observed in the past 24 hours with some players being outlawed from the game.

Valve got no chill

Thus, some users have received a ban with a length of 19 years. A recent Valve statement also makes it clear that this is not an error, but that length has been deliberately set. In the article the publisher said that: Users who exhibit negative behavior are too much of a burden on the rest of the community and therefore are not welcomed in the future.

Reddit forums were filled with complaints from players about the ban until 2038. These Dota 2 users are unable to find a game as they get a message with the text: “Matchmaking is unavailable due to a large number of complaints, non-confirmation of games found or because of abandoned matches. Time to unlock: 01/19/2038 “.

Why till year 2038? 

This is the maximum time that Valve could set. Calculation of time in the information space has been conducted since January 1, 1970. Many systems were created for 32-bit capacity and still use it, that is, the variable consists of 32 units and zeros. As a result, the maximum possible number of variable values ​​is 2 to the power of 31 minus 1, which is 2,147,483,647. That is how many seconds will pass from January 1, 1970 to January 19, 2038.

On September 17, Valve also announced that the next rating season in Dota 2. The developers also talked about the changes that will take effect before bringing all the ranks to zero.

New ranking system to be released 

 The new season is set to be released on 19th or 20th September (depending on your time zone). Valve will change the selection system of opponents. Now the algorithm will not only find teams equal in overall rankings, but also compare players in pairs by their roles. The developers noted that it would take several weeks to configure this feature.

Role ratings will now change even after playing matches in other positions. For example, after a defeat in a support, a player will also lose some of the MMR points in the core role. The value by which the second rating will change can be revised over time.

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