Vici Gaming wins the Epicenter Major

After seven days of high quality Dota 2 in Russia, we finally have the champion of the Epicenter Major 2019. The competition was dominated by Vici Gaming after impressive performances from “Paparazi,” “Ori,” “Yang,” “Fade,” and “dy.” The Chinese team won the grand finale against the EU powerhouse, Team Liquid, 3-2. This result will surely boost the Asian team’s morale for the 2019 International that will take place in August.

Liquid eliminating the local favourites!

Before facing VG in the final, Liquid had to beat Virtus.Pro, a team that had the support of local fans. Game 1 of this showdown delivered everything the fans expected: Great plays and an exciting contest between the teams. After almost 50 minutes of play and a tight 31/28 scorecard, Liquid won the first game after an exceptional performance from w33’s Templar Assassin.

Game 2 was a brutal victory for Liquid, beating the Russians in just 25 minutes. Miracle was the star of this game; he went 16/1 with Weaver.

Chinese domination

The finals were evenly contested by both teams. Opening the scoring was Team Liquid. They won the first game after Miracle’s 19-2 performance on Anti-Mage. But the series was tied quickly, and Vici took just 26 minutes to win the second game. The player to shine for the team in this game was mid-laner Ori, who ended with 8/1 on Death Prophet.

The Chinese team turned the tie into 2-1 with one of their signature heroes for Paparazi. Vici picked Sven for him and he completely decimated Liquid, finishing 13-3.

Liquid fight back

The fourth game of the series was certainly the most epic game of this championship. It was perhaps one of the best games of the season. To give you an idea, VG lost the match and conceded the 2-2 draw after leading the match by a difference of 43,000 gold at 61 minute mark. The game ended at 64 minutes, with victory for Liquid. An Epic triumph for the EU side, this was only possible thanks to the amazing Arc Warden plays by Miracle. He managed to “explode” Roshan in a single second.

Vici are the champions

Liquid’s improbable draw didn’t intimidate VG in the last game of the series. They played in an aggressive style in Game 5. They left no breathing room for the Europeans and closed the series out 3-2 with a 16/0 performance by Paparazi’s Morphling. For the victory, the team from China received $350 thousand and 4,950 DPC points.

Both teams started the playoffs in the top bracket. Vici Gaming beat Gambit Esports, TNC Predator, and Team Liquid on its way to the grand final. After dropping to the lower bracket, TL beat PSG.LGD and to compete in the finals. The EPICENTER Major 2019 was held from the 22nd to the 30th of June in Moscow. 16 teams played for a million dollars and 15 thousand points DPC total.

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