Vici Wins DreamLeague

Vici Gaming wins DreamLeague Season 11 title. Against all odds, the Chinese side reigned supreme in Stockholm. They made their way to the finals by becoming champions of the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor. From start to the finish, the team shined in the upper bracket and came out victorious against the favorite’s Virtus.Pro.

Vici gaming wins DreamLeague season 11

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The grand final was one of the best series of the 2018-2019 DPC season. Both teams fought hard from start to finish. In Game One, Vici Gaming, dominated from the early stages. The player to shine was Zhang “Paparazi” Chengjun who contributed in 24 kills. He finished 12/0/12 on his Morphling and drew first blood for Vici in the final.

Game Two

Game Two was one of the best competitive matches of Antimage. He was the last pick for Virtus.Pro and it was played quite impressively by none other than Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnarev. He wanted to take revenge for the first game defeat and did so in style. The youngster achieved a total of 819 last hits and finished the game with 11/1/13.

VP took its time to kick off game two but managed to finish it as soon as possible. Vici at the 25-minute mark tried to end the game with a high ground push. However, VP foiled their attempts and countered by making an incredible push towards the base. Vici got no way to answer the VP push and the Russians leveled the series 1-1.

Game Three

The third game kicked off with one of the strangest picks of the tournament, Bloodseeker. Seeker was not the popular pick of the competition since the only team that picked it before was, Vici Gaming. Zeng “Ori” Jiaoyang was phenomenal in the third game by claiming 10 kills in just 22 minutes. The Russian side had no reply to the aggression of Vici and the Chinese claimed a 2nd win of the grand finale.

Game Four

Just like in the 2nd game of the series, Ramzes proved to be the savior of VP in the 4th game of the series. He played on one of his favorite heroes, Troll Warlord. He took no time to assert his dominance and got the map control of the team from the early stage. Vici was quite successful to answer the VP aggression and the series was tied 2-2. Both teams now needed to win only one game to win the title.

Game Five

Compared to the first four games, the fifth game was less thrilling. Vici Gaming successfully won the laning phase with Razor and Medusa. Both cores instead of going for the late game items invested big into the mid-game. This enabled the side to finish the game before the 22-minute mark.

With this win, the Chinese might very well have secured a ticket to The International 9.

They will be aiming to get some more points on the board and make a mark for the Chinese in the 2018-2019 season.

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