Virtus.Pro, the best Dota 2 team in the world?

In the list of top contenders for The International 2019, today we will talk about the team composition of In previous seasons, the roster could never find a way to rise above 5th or 6th place, but now the team wants to stand out and win the long-awaited Aegis.

One of the most consistent and dominant teams in the competitive landscape of Dota 2 is VP. In the Dota Pro Circuit 2018/2019, there were five majors, and in only one of them did not place among the top 3. The CIS team began their season with a victory, taking the title at the The Kuala Lumpur Major, where in the grand final, VP defeated Team Secret in a grueling best-of-five series. 

Dominating Season

At the March major in Stockholm, finished the group stage in first place, but unexpectedly lost to Fnatic at the start of the playoffs. They recovered well from this setback, however, as they won all of their matches in the lower bracket, which included eliminating Team Secret. VP got its revenge over Fnatic in the finals of the lower bracket, but ended up taking a loss in the grand finale against Vici Gaming with a score of 2-3. 

At the MDL Disneyland® Paris Major, had their worst result of the season – 7th-8th place. 45 days later, VP arrived in Moscow for the last major of the year, but this time again their effort was not enough to reach the final. Team Liquid twice stood in their way, whom shortly before had dropped Lasse MATUMBAMAN Urpalainen and replaced him with Alivi w33 Omar. 

The Curse of TI

Nonetheless, this didn’t affect their push for conquest at TI9, as the team had already guaranteed itself an invite back in January. For the second year in a row, has made no change to its lineup and ended the season at the top of the Dota Pro Circuit ranking. This shows the depth and stability of their team. But at the same time, this stability has seen them lacking at The International, as VP has not yet managed to rise above fifth place. 

The only weakness they certainly display is the fact that the team gets nervous and make mistakes when things don’t go according to plan. If they can hold their composition and deal with this issue, then this year, they will be a leading contender to claim the Aegis. Victory at The International 2019 is the main goal for them this season, so their tactical preparations for the tournament should be held at the highest level. 

We wish them luck has proven this year that they can beat anyone on any given day. The hardest thing for VP players will be to overcome their nerves and cope with emotions when things are suddenly going awry. If the players make the right decisions under pressure, then reaching the grand finals is a very real possibility for VP. From then onward, anything can happen, because after all, this is The International. 

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