VR Viewer - How it Works?

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VR means virtual reality; it is basically a subject which helps players to feel like a real world while playing. The VR headsets are made-up in such a way that when a player put it on then he realizes the 3D world. It helps to increase the interest of the players in the games and makes them get more attracted to it. VR plays a major role in various games especially in those that seem to be more realistic such as horror games, action games, etc.

There are so many games available on internet but players live to play those which have some real effects and 3D features. It helps them to have a unique experience while playing the game. Most of the players don’t know about the VR effects and how it works. It’s important especially for game lovers to know about various aspects of the games. Players should remain updated with the new features of the games so that they can able to grab them easily.

VR Viewer - How it Works

You can able to enhance your knowledge about the workings of VR by considering the below information. It will help you to know about various new things which you don’t know before.

Workings of VR

  • The main aim of the VR subject is to provide a 3D vision to the players while playing a game. Every headset of VR wants to enhance the quality of the visualization so that there will be more fun.
  • Each VR headset provides one or two different views for the players for each eye to make the effect more 3D.
  • In VR headset two different lenses are placed between the distance of eyes and the object. It helps to manage the position and movement of the eye as per the virtualization of the world.
  • The players can set the VR effect to the PC with the help of a HDMI cable or by mobile phones.
  • If a player want to create a true VR with high effects for that there are various perspectives. The perspectives to create a true VR are-
  • You will need a fps rate of minimum 60
  • A refresh frame rate with equal competent
  • A field view of minimum 100 degree
  • The frame rate basically means a rate at which the GPU changes the effect of the screen per second.
  • The screen refresh rate is that rate which helps to manage the view of the screen for the better fps and clarity. FOV is the extent which helps to support the movement of the head and the eyes according to the VR.
  • If all these things don’t work than it means that there is a huge gap between the headset and your way and head. You should pay attention to that thing properly.


From the above information you will able to know about what VR exactly is and how it works. You should pay attention so that you can able to know about it properly. It can also help you to enhance your knowledge about it with its proper working and many other new aspects.

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