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The Most Followed Apex Legends Streamers on Twitch

Apex Legends is quite a unique Battle Royale video game for PC and gaming consoles, which is developed by Respawn Entertainment. It is a free to play title with intense features beyond the expectation of gamers. 

Due to this, the popularity is intense, and if you love playing this game, you can find so many great things about it. Having such hard gameplay, you might feel that progression is typical, and if you want to check out others getting over the obstacles, then you can watch out live streams of professional gamers on Twitch.

We made a list of top gamers on Twitch who are playing Apex Legends and have an impressive rank in the game. No doubt that checking this list is going to worth your time.

Ninja has almost 15M followers on Twitch & 23M followers on YouTube

Ninja stream
Ninja’s realname is Tyler Blevins

Tyler Blevins has been the name in golden letters for streaming Fortnite and become a popular name with his streams. He is known with an online name Ninja, and he is playing various games. However, the most common game that you can find in his popular stream is Apex Legends. Enlisting the help of most popular celebrities like Drake makes him the widely popular streamer. He has been watched around 4.11M hours in the past two years of streams. 

Shroud is followed by over 7M followers on Twitch

shroud streamer
Shroud’s realname is Michael Grzesiek

Michael Grzesiek has gained intense fame by streaming Apex Legends and progressing through the enemies. He is known with the online name called Shroud, and he gets most of the views when he is playing Apex Legends. The other games are played by him are Call of Duty Black Ops 4, Far Cry New Dawn, Tom Clancy the Division 2, and more. While playing PUBG and CS:GO, he gained the highest number of fans, and now he is moving to other games. Till now, Apex Legend is the most played game by him.

Dr. DisRespect has over 4M followers on Twitch

Dr. DisRespect stream
Dr. DisRespect aka Herschel Beahm

Dr. DisRespect’s real name is Herschel Beahm, and he started harnessing fame instantly with a uniquely narcissistic persona. Every other gamer prefers authenticity, but Dr. DisRespect is totally unique because he puts a wig and large mustaches while streaming. It increases the fun element in his streams, and he is also doing so many trolls to make all the stream funny and fun-loving.


From landing at a reliable location in the map to obtaining all the resources and getting crates, you have so many things to do in this game. When you are checking out professionals playing this game, you can find that it is not easy for them also to obtain enough resources. Due to this reason, they avoid the common mistake of going after resources.

You can follow the same and start looking after the essential aspects. All the twitch gamers mentioned in this list follow some high-end tactics and custom settings while playing games to get maximum performance instead of getting maximum graphical or visual advantages. If you think we missed a popular Apex Legend streamer name, then let us known in the comment section.

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