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The Most Followed CS: GO Streamers On Twitch

Counter-Strike Global Offensive, a development of Valve Corporation, is a multiplayer AAA title for Microsoft Windows, and gaming consoles. The great features, deadliest gameplay, and extensive maps are making this game the first choice of twitch streamers.

If you love watching streams of this game and wondering about the best ones, then worry not, we got your back. Here, we made a list of top 5 streamers of CSGO on the Twitch platform. Let’s start knowing about the top one and see how much you know about them. 

Shroud has over 7M followers on Twitch

shroud streamer
Michael Grzesiek aka Shroud

With more than seven million subscribers and several daily views, Shroud is probably the most popular CSGO streamer on the Twitch platform. Shroud is a Canada based streamer age 25 years, and he won “The Game Award for Content Creator of the Year.” He is currently streaming CSGO, PUBG, and many other FPS titles. He plays with the MDL team Old Guys Club.

Summit1g has over 4M followers on Twitch

Summit1g streamer
Jaryd Lazar aka Stummit1g

Over 4 millions of followers and being a pro in CSGO makes Summit1g the second most popular CSGO streamer on Twitch. He is America based streamer born on 23 April 1993 (26 years old). He earns $2.5 per subscriber every month. The current making is $50,000 every month by calculating the growth.

IzakOOO has over 1M Twitch followers

IzakOOO streamer
Piotr Skowyrski aka IzakOOO

IzakOOO is thirty-two years old, most popular streamer, and his real name is Piotr Skowyrski. He used to play with team Vega and become the most liked player in the past couple of years due to the funny commentary and playing style. He started playing CSGO during 2014 events and participated in many game shows. The last time he was seen in any gaming event was Asus ROG Join the Republic Challenge 2018. 

Anomaly has over 1M Twitch followers

anomaly streamer
Ludwig Lagerstedt aka Anomaly

Anomaly is a dedicated Sweden based CSGO streamer known for deadliest skills. He currently has more than 20,544,053 views on streams and more than 500 million views on YouTube. Even, he has a popular series called Trolled by Valve. His real name is Ludwig Lagerstedt, and he was born on 18 December 1992. The key reason behind the popularity is trolling and roasting in most of his stream, and he is also called fat pewdiepie.

PashaBiceps has over 1M Twitch followers

pashaBiceps streamer
Jarosław Jarząbkowski aka pashaBiceps

PashaBiceps is Poland based streamer with over a million subscribers on Twitch. He is currently active. He was born on 11 April 1988. The intense popularity is due to his looks, trolling in videos, and several other skills. He usually plays CSGO and won a prize pool in many games, which makes him one of the popular gamer.


This list contains the top players from around the globe, and if you haven’t heard about any of these, then you can check out their stream. We made this list based on the number of followers they have, the number of views and popularity related factors. If you think that we are missing out on the name of any popular twitch streamer, then let us know in a comment.  

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