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The Most Followed DOTA 2 Streamers On Twitch

MOBA genre of PC games is intense and filled with remarkable names. There are games with intense battles, whereas some with unique missions.

DOTA 2 is a remarkable name, and it came out on July 9, 2013. In the past seven years, Valve Corporation offered an intense number of updates and enhanced the overall gameplay, graphical performance, and several other essential aspects of the game, which can make you find it pretty hard to play.  

However, some Twitch games are taking over it like killing flies. You can check out all the professional Twitch gamers streams and check out how they play. The list of most followed DOTA 2 streamers on twitch is as follow

SingSing has over 550K followers on Twitch

SingSing aka WehSing Yuen

SingSing is a retired and the most professional gamer of DOTA 2 on the Twitch platform. His real name is WehSing Yuen, and he has a unique persona totally when it comes to streaming impressive games. He might not be the meme master, but he is in the list of best gamers with a troll persona. Due to this, you can find him always coming with funny movements and doing some sort of commentary while playing DOTA 2. He is also playing other games also.  

Arteezy has over 550K followers on Twitch

Arteezy aka Artour Babaev

A Canada based professional DOTA 2 player to nail the list of top one is Arteezy. Born in Vancouver, Canada, Arteezy spent his most time playing extrovert as most of the time, he is shirtless in his streams. He plays cherry-picked songs and has a brilliant library of amazing tracks that you will love listening to. The common game played is DOTA 2 by him, and you can find some other impressive FPS and MOBA titles that can make you love his streams.

WagamamaTV has over 300K followers on Twitch

WagamamaTV aka Niklas Högström

The next up in our list is a Swedish twitch streamer, and he is a professional gamer of DOTA 2. His real name is Niklas Högström. He is surely the most entertaining guy in his streams, and he is also funny while explaining the decision-making process while playing a game. This is the major reason that Wagamama is quite a great player to check out his stream and learning so many impressive things that can come in handy to your gameplay so far.

The Bottom Line

Despite having intense missions, there are large maps to look after. If you are a first-time gamer, then you have so many things to learn about. When you check out the streams of professional gamers on Twitch, you will learn about plenty of important aspects, and it will also enhance your knowledge about how they play in such an effective manner. 

When checking out these gamers, you can look after the new ones and explore more players. DOTA 2 is streamed by thousands of gamers on Twitch Platform, and there is plenty of language of preference also. We hope that this list will let you learn about the well-known and advanced gamers of Defense of The Ancients 2

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