Shroud Gets A Surprising Knockdown from Wattson

With the arrival of season 2, everyone’s attention is currently focused towards Apex Legends. The newest season has not only left fans excited, but even some top streamers can’t just get enough of it. One of those streamers is Shroud, who has been busy streaming Apex Legends on his channel since season 2 arrived. And surprisingly, the top streamer managed to get a really surprising knockdown from the newest character, Wattson.

Shroud has been streaming Apex Legends on his channel to celebrate the arrival of season 2. He has been showing his viewers how the new season is. The latter even played a few matches with the newly added Wattson, and he even told his viewers some problems the character has.

Wattson And Her Tactical Ability 

For those who don’t know, Wattson has electrical abilities and she makes the best use of them to take down her opponents. She has a tactical ability named Perimeter Security that allows her to build electrical fences. Although her ability can take down some opponents if they walk through the fence, players can only make the best use of it in a few areas. The fence needs to be carefully placed in the right location for opponents to walk through it.

The reason behind why it works in a few areas is that the fence glows blue and opponents can easily spot it from a distance. Not only this, but it can be even destroyed easily. Either you can place them at the right location or can just use them to hold back enemies and make them waste their bullets on destroying the fence. But you shouldn’t just expect to get some epic eliminations through it every time. 

Shroud Gets A Knockdown from The Fence While Complaining About It

During one of his recent streams, Shroud was trying to explain the same things to his fans. He even shot a fence he placed at a random location only to discover that only his enemies can destroy it. However, he still claimed that they break very quickly as you only need to shoot them a couple of times. While Shroud was busy showing players the weakness of Wattson and her tactical abilities, something strange happened. The latter got a notification which revealed that a player just got knocked down through his fence. 

Credits: Shroud Twitch

This left shroud surprised as he just couldn’t believe what happened. Only a few seconds earlier, the latter was complaining about how the fence is easy to spot and how easily it can be destroyed. However, he was surely shocked after seeing that a player got knocked through his fence which was placed at an open location. It seems like Apex Legends works in mysterious ways after all. 

In any case, this just happened at random so players shouldn’t expect this to happen all the time. While playing with Wattson, they have to carefully pick the right location to place the fence. Otherwise, it will be useless. 

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