Welcome Mars! A New Addition To Dota 2 Family

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From the arrival of Grimstroke to Dota 2 at the end of August, there was no introduction of heroes. However, for a long time, there was already talk of the arrival of Mars.

On the other hand, Dota 2 has passed its best January in recent years with an incredible rise in players. The launch of Artifact in November did not encourage growth. However, the arrival of Auto Chess has become, without a doubt, a success for Valve. The company is even trying to purchase it from the parent developers. At such a peak time, Valve released Mars.


Mars is a hero of strength, melee, initiator, disabler, and tank. Like all new heroes, he has become one of the heroes of the Meta. It is still early to determine how it influences the games and the winrate it presents. However, his skills will lead to great team fights. In addition, his ultimate combo with a lot of heroes with AOE abilities.

Mars skills

Spears of Mars

This ability is targetable at a point target, affects enemy units and deals magical damage. He throws his spear towards a point and if he catches an enemy in his path: The opponent will be pushed backward, getting stunned in the process.

God’s Rebuke

It is targetable in an AOE. The skill affects enemy units and deals physical damage. Mars uses his shield to deal critical damage to enemies. When using this ability, Mars violently moves his shield in a small AOE, dealing decent damage and throwing enemies back.


It’s a passive one, which reduces both physical and magical damage. The powerful shield reduces a percentage of the damage it receives from the front and sides. When Mars is attacked from the back, this passive has no effect.

Arena of Blood

Arena of Blood deals physical damage to the enemy units. This ability creates a combat area from which enemies cannot exit. However, the allies can move in and out it. When the enemies try to get out, the protective shields will hit and stun them. The enemies will also be attacked by Spears.

Recommended items for Mars

Among the items in the Mid Game, we believe you should get the Blink Dagger, to enhance his role as an initiator. It is also recommended to get Hood of Defiance, which blocks magical damage and provides more durability.

In the Late Game, you should get BKB, Vladimir’s Offering, Assault Cuirass, and Satanic. These items are geared to give you more permanence in Team Fight making you more tank.

Mars Dota 2

Credits: Dota 2

Mars counters

When you want to pick Mars you’ll have to be careful against Meepo, Riki, Templar Assassin, Phantom Lancer, and Batrider. They are the main counters of Mars. On the other hand, you can also pick up these same heroes when Mars is on the opposing team.

It will be much easier to win the game with Mars if the opposite team has: Visage, Io, Drow Ranger, Sven, and Broodmother since those heroes mostly deal with physical waste.

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