What are the Best Skill Moves in FIFA 20?

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FIFA 20 is a football game, and it’s obvious that numerous skill moves involved making the game run for the long term. Skill moves help the players learn those moves, which are essential and give a shot. In different games, different skill moves are involved as per their requirement. Players require these moves, especially in FIFA, because they should know some basic and advanced moves for kicking the ball. Without skill moves, players won’t get a chance to play FIFA with proper shots.

Usually, players get connected to FIFA 20 as it helps them have those experiences which they can’t get in other games. All the players who are engaged in FIFA 20 have the right to know about all the necessary aspects of the game. Without a proper piece of knowledge, players can’t get rewards and benefits in the game. You should understand the importance of skill moves so that you can take advantage of it. Some players don’t know much about the game, so don’t get worried here is a solution for you.

Best Skill Moves in FIFA 20

You can consider the below information for getting a solution to your query. It will allow you to know about various skill moves that are present in FIFA 20.

The Fake Shot Stop

It is one of the skill moves which have a skills rating of 1 star. The fake shot is executed by performing an accelerated shot without any significant performance. This move helps the players to get the time to plan their further moves and makes them feel relaxed. A fake shot stop can easily be executed as it is very easy and simple and take no time to get executed. It helps the players to have numerous benefits like getting the time for further planning, etc.

The Elastico

It is another skill move that has a skill rating requirement of 5 stars. The use of this move was used by Fnatic Twkkz in FIFA 19 and made this move the best skill move. This move helps the players in devastating the effects of the game in multiple competitions. Elastico is still considered one of the best and most used moves in FIFA game as it helps the players in extreme level. It helps the players to dribble past players on 1 v 1 situation by putting some distance between them.

Drag Back

It is the third most skill moves that have the skill rating requirement of 2 stars. Drag Back is one of those moves that should be there when you opt for playing FIFA 20. It helps you change your directions as soon as possible and allows you to get extra space for running. This move is mainly beneficial inside your opponent’s 18-yard area because it helps you to get the extra space in such a small yard. The Drag Back move can easily be executed by pressing R1 and allows you to have a goal in such a small area.


With the help of the above information, you can understand various skill moves in FIFA 20. You can also grab knowledge about how these moves work and what their benefits are. It would be great if you consider paying proper attention to the above information as it will help you to get some help when you plan to execute any move.

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