What are the Controls for GTA 5 PC?

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The players who are new to GTA 5 must not know about the multiple default controls for the PC version, which makes them face a lot of problems. There are multiple controls that a player needs to know about so that they can deal with all the aspects easily. GTA 5 is full of massive missions, and for that, the knowledge of the controls is a must; otherwise, players won’t complete their missions.

 In this game, completion of the missions is compulsory; otherwise, players will not get any benefits and rewards. There are different controls available for different missions, and there are many cheat keys, and many more that you need to understand. You should understand the importance of controls in GTA 5 so that you can use cheats easily.

Controls for GTA 5 PC

For more details, you can consider further information as it will help you to know about multiple default controls for PC.

GTA 5 Controls

  • Shift – Sprint
  • Q – Cover
  • WASD – Forward, Backward, Strafe Right, Strafe Left
  • L-Alt – Character Switch
  • F – Enter / Exit vehicle
  • Space – Jump / Handbrake
  • Caps lock – Special Ability
  • R – Reload
  • V – Change View
  • M-Click – Phone
  • L-Click – Fire Weapon
  • R-Click – Aim / Zoom
  • Tab – Weapon Wheel
  • M – Player Interaction Menu
  • M-Scroll – Quick Switch Weapon
  • M- Scroll (Zoomed) – Aim Mode
  • 1,2,3,4, etc. – Fast Switch Weapon Category

Director Mode

  • Action – Caps
  • Director Mode Menu – M
  • Speech – L Ctrl


  • Start Recording – F1
  • Save Action Replay – F1
  • Stop Recording – F1
  • Turn on Action Replay – F2
  • Cancel Recording – F3
  • Turn Off Action Replay – F3


  • Navigate Timeline – WSAD / Cursor Keys
  • Switch between Timeline and Menu – ESC / Right Moue
  • Place a Clip – L Ctrl + V then Enter and then Left Mouse
  • Control Playhead – Mouse Wheel
  • Pick Up a Clip – L Ctrl + X and then Move the Left Mouse.
  • Edit a Clip – Enter / Left Mouse
  • Duplicate a Clip – L Ctrl + C
  • Trim Clip Manually – [/]
  • Trim Audio or Start Text – Press Q
  • Trim Audio or Text End – Press E
  • Delete a Clip – DEL
  • Snap Trim Audio Clip – Cursor Right/ Cursor Left
  • Stop Audio Clip Preview – Space
  • Preview Audio Clip – Space

Clip Edit Mode

  • Pause Clip – Space
  • Add Marker – M
  • Play Clip – Space
  • Cycle Markers – [/]
  • Delete Marker – DEL
  • Select Marker – Enter / Left Muse
  • Scrub – Mouse Wheel
  • Move Marker – Drag Left Mouse
  • Hide HUD – H
  • Scrub Fine – Cursor Left / Right
  • Save – F5

Wrap It Up

The controls mentioned above crucial for the players to know, and apart from these controls, few more are there. It will help you to know about those new elements of GTA 5, which you don’t know before. When you opt for these controls, you will get to know about the numerous changes that occur in the game. If you learn about all the above controls, then you can deal with any of the situations in GTA 5.

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