What do Horses Eat in Minecraft?

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In Minecraft, multiple animals are involved and help you complete your quests by taming them or feeding them. When players get connected to this game at that time, players don’t know much about the game, which makes them shocked afterward when they get to know about all the aspects. Along with all the aspects, one of the major elements is a horse, and it is important to know what horse actually eats so that players can get help in feeding them.

Most of the players are connected to Minecraft just because they get to know about new features and environments. If players do not pay attention to all the necessary information about the game, they have to suffer greatly. This is why it is crucial for them to know each and every aspect of the game and other things. There are some confusing elements also included in the game, which makes people feel uncomfortable while playing it.

Horses Eat in Minecraft

If you want to know about horses’ food, you need to pay attention to the following steps. It will help you to enhance your knowledge about the food of the horses and also about various other things too.

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Horses can eat near about everything and easily become friends with people who feed them in the real world. It helps to alter their behavior, regenerate them, and also helps them in their growth. Here are some items mentioned below, which will help you know the exact food that horses eat in Minecraft.

  • Wheat: reduces growth time by 20 seconds, increases 3 tempers, and heals 1 health.
  • Apple: reduces growth time by 1 minute, increases 3 tempers, and heals 3 health.
  • Golden Apple: reduces growth time by 4 minutes, increases 10 tempers, and heals 10 health.
  • Hay Bale: reduces growth time by 3 minutes.
  • Sugar: reduces growth time by 30 seconds, increases 3 tempers and heals 0.5 health
  • Golden Carrot: reduces growth time by 1 minute, increases 5 tempers and heals 4 health

These are some food items eaten by the horses and have some major advantages and some disadvantages. You need to feed the horses with all the food items as per their need and requirement, so try to opt for the right item. If you make horses eat the wrong item, they will get disappointed and harm you to severe trouble. When you feed horses and try to mate them, you have to wait until the time rea hearts float over their heads. It will help you to tame the horses.


By considering all the above information, you can learn the food items which are being eaten by horses. It will also help you to know the various benefits of the food items, which will help you to opt for one as per their benefits. Make sure that you are feeding the horse with the right item at the right time as per its need so that it won’t harm you.

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