What Does Aqua Affinity Do in Minecraft?

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You might be aware of various enchantments and other Minecraft elements, which allows you to perform well with the proper availability of the right equipment. Aqua Affinity is one of those enchantments used to enchant a helmet that helps increase the underwater mining power. If you are not aware of this enchantment, you can learn about it and try to grab some details about making scaffolding in Minecraft. It is a block-like structured item that helps you sit or be used to keep various things.

Aqua Affinity Do in Minecraft

Once you get to know more about Aqua Affinity, you can easily use it to enchant your helmet and get extra type to breathe underwater with more time. It is not as heavy as it has a weight of 2, which is very low and allows you to have less trouble wearing it. You can easily wear it and use it for mining underwater and enable you to have more fun when you go deep in water. Some players are not aware of the role of Aqua Affinity, which makes them face problems when they opt for using it as usage requires a proper knowledge about its role.

Role of Aqua Affinity

  • When a player opts to go deep into the water, his head is deep in water, which sometimes takes much more time in mining. Mining blocks take 5 times more time to mine while coming out of the water, which delays the task and makes players face problems. Wearing Aqua Affinity as an enchantment on their helmets helps them face fewer problems and saves time. In all the levels, this enchantment always remains the same and helps you have no difficulty in using it.
  • This enchantment’s speed keeps on changing as its mining capacity and the floating of the player’s helmet. Sometimes the speed gets decreased, and sometimes it gets increased due to which players face problems. The mining while floating can lead to 5 times decrease in mining speed as floating can reduce mining speed. If you use Aqua Affinity, it doesn’t show any impact on mining as it only takes care of the helmet.
  • If you opt for mining while floating without Aqua Affinity underwater, it will result in 25% slow and make you face problems. Try to use this enchantment while dealing with underwater mining, as it will help you to mine easily in less time. When you complete this enchantment, try to consider making a smoker in Minecraft as it will help you cook food faster than a furnace. It helps you to convert raw material into a bonemeal with the proper conversion.


When you complete reading the above details, then it will help you to know about the actual role of Aqua Affinity in Minecraft. If you consider the links mentioned above, it will help you know about other game factors, which will be beneficial for you. It will help you to grab all the related details about your queries before getting involved in it.

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