What Does Loyalty Do in Minecraft?

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In Minecraft, multiple items are present, and every item has something unique and different to get connected to them. Likewise, Loyalty is an enchantment present in the game, which is used to get applied on the trident, which is an item to set target. It helps the players have safe and secure hunting when players prefer to set their targets at sea-based creatures. Trident is that item that returns to its actual owner after thrown, and if the players die when trident is retuning, it gets converted into an item.

Loyalty Do in Minecraft

Loyalty enchantment is very helpful while using a trident as it allows the players to have those benefits which they might not get from any other item. The enchantment weight is 5, which helps the players use it efficiently as it is not that hard, so players will not face any problem while handling it. Once players learn how to handle this enchantment, they can understand Loyalty’s actual role in the game. For more details, you can opt for the information mentioned below as it will help you enhance your knowledge about your mentioned query.

Loyalty Tutorial

  • When players prefer to connect Loyalty with the trident and get thrown, it allows the item to get contacted with any entity or block. The item gets returned to the players who throw it, but there is a huge risk of their life when it returns. If players do not get Loyalty in their hands, they can lead to death, and the item will get converted into an item. Higher the enchantment will decrease the time of returning and help the players wait for less time.
  • If you are using a Java Edition for playing this game, then make sure that you are using the right version of the game as per the platform. There are different versions and platforms present in the game to play Minecraft, so be attentive and careful. If you use the trident into the Void effectively, it will destroy the trident, and it will never return as it will not hit any block or entity.
  • In the Bedrock Edition of the game, if players use trident, then it will return after moving around or traveling around 15 blocks in the Void. Always remember that a Loyalty Enchantment never returns when it gets thrown by a dispenser. Try to throw trident on your own instead of a dispenser so that you won’t get into any trouble and face any hardship. Be safe at your side and try to use the trident along with the Loyalty enchantment if you want it to hit maximum blocks and entities.


By considering all the above points, you can know how Loyalty works in Minecraft. If you pay exact attention to the above information, it will help you know some more significant aspects of Loyalty and trident. Make sure that you are using the right trident to the right Loyalty so that you won’t get into any trouble.

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