What Does The Future Of Esports Hold?

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Electronic sports (eSports) have excelled in recent years in an impressive way. There are people and organizations now working towards eSports being considered an Olympic sport. The future of eSports is held in the hands of the new organizations and event sponsors.

But how true is it that a video game can be positioned as a sport? Is it true that it goes beyond a passing fad and will become the new source of entertainment for thousands of fans? If so, how can you explain the peaks of popularity that are diluted by the appearance of a new title of the competition? We have prepared an analysis so you can draw your own conclusions.

ESL Cologne CSGO

Credits: ESL

The start of eSports industry

In 1972, the Intergalactic Spacewar Olympics event was held, with Stanford University being invited to hold a Spacewar game competition. The grand prize was an annual subscription to Rolling Stones magazine. In the years since then, video games, as well as competitions, have evolved substantially. Especially in recent years, they have become the boom that moves demographic and economic mass.

In 2011, the first League of Legends World Championship was held in a small venue, and was organized in a way that barely resembles any show it has today. The really interesting thing is that within just a few years, Riot Games positioned World Championship as one of the most watched eSports titles in the world.

LoL World Championship

Credits: lolesports

It is true that before the LoL boom there was already a great number of eSports events. However, it is essential to consider how pivotal it was for the growth of the industry. On the other hand, Blizzard recently decided to eliminate the competitive Heroes of Storm.

Esports: sports, fashion or entertainment?

In turn, the community is so malleable that it can quickly focus its attention on new genres, leaving behind other games. What arises from this malleability is that it is not possible to develop a competitive course in one game, since at every moment we must start from scratch. This is exactly what happened to LoL when the Battle Royale games, such as PUBG and Fortnite, became famous.

Without going further, two days after its release, the new game Apex Legends has exceeded Fortnite in users and viewers on Twitch. What is this all about? It can be due mainly to the vertiginous growth and evolution of technology; nowadays it is impossible to remain constant.

Dota 2 TI - Future of Esports

Credits; Valve

The future of Esports

The most likely outcome is that video game competitors will not disappear: being something new has its own evolution. Trying to compare them to other eSports titles is useless since they prosper on their own terrain. eSports will surely evolve on its own terms and it will find its unique way of relating to the audience.

In the long term, companies will have to adapt to the models of other titles, otherwise face extinction. While we must accept that we are not loyal to a single title, as fanatics and lovers of video games, we predict a spectacular future for eSports despite all these ups and downs.

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