What happens if you win the Podium Vehicle in GTA 5?

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When a player gets connected with GTA 5, then he experiences various gifts and new items in the game. It helps the players to know about new elements and new vehicles of the game. Podium Vehicle is one of those items in the game which a player can only get by getting involved in casino. In the casino, there are various games, but GTA players can bet into the horse race. When a player enters the casino, he will see a spin wheel in the lobby of the casino and a resort in the East Vinewood.

Podium Vehicle in GTA 5

Usually, players prefer to play GTA 5 just because of their uniqueness and unique features. GTA keeps on getting updated, so it’s crucial for all the players to know about the various aspects of the game. Players should know about the casino of the game so that they can utilize various benefits from it. There are so many things that you need to pay attention to so that you can make some better survival in the game. It would be best if you understood the importance of casinos for getting the podium vehicle in GTA 5.

Here are some points which will help you to enhance your further knowledge about the game. It will also help you to know about what happens when you win a podium vehicle in GTA 5.

Related Info

  • For winning the Podium Vehicle, players need to spin the wheel in a casino. It depends upon the luck of the players, whether they win the vehicle or not. When the players win the vehicle, then there are so many benefits that players get. Usually, players prefer to get the Podium Vehicle via casino by spinning the lucky wheel.
  • When the players win the Podium Vehicle, then it gets disappeared from the casino floor. If it helps you to earn a huge amount of money and makes you register for any high post. You might know that money plays a major role and to buy or to get various items you need money. When a player wins the Podium Vehicle for the second time, then they earn 20,000 RP together. It is a very big achievement for the players.
  • You should always remember that the Podium Vehicle keeps on changing, and it changes every Thursday. It mainly happens during the GTA online weekly reset as it helps the players to get the new vehicle. Whenever you log into the game, you should first opt for checking the vehicle on every Thursday. It will help you to know which vehicle is currently available.

Wrap It Up

With the help of the above information players, the players can learn about what will happen when they win the Podium Vehicle in GTA 5. It will help the players to know about the various new elements of the game. Players should always keep in mind one important thing that is to check the vehicle knife every Thursday before using it. As the vehicle keeps on changing every Thursday, so be careful and focused.

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