What If I Put My Minecraft Bed Next to Yours?

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In June 2019, a Twitter meme occurred, which shows that joke of as if I put my Mine craft bed next to yours, and it made people so shocked. Players felt very shocked as it made players more curious and attracted to the game that how it can be possible and how the game will do it. When players listen to this news on Twitter, they tend to pay more attention to the game and its new updates.

As the players are paying attention to these aspects, then must check out whether a fox can be tamed in Minecraft or not. It will help you to solve some queries of yours and also allow you to have more knowledge about the game. If you return to the quote mentioned above, then the original and the full copypasta of the game is “what if I… put my Minecraft bed… next to yours… aha ha, just kidding… unless…? Your proper attention to the copypasta can help you know about it well without facing any major problem.

If I Put My Minecraft Bed Next to Yours

For more details, you can pay attention to the information mentioned below as it will help you to know the concept and will also help you enhance your skills.

Related Info

  • On June 28th, 2019 Twitter user named @indeprive tweeted the news of copypasta, which is mentioned above and parodying a person sending a text to hide the quote by staying just kidding. It shows that the person is serious about his question, but he found it irrelevant, so he brushed it off by saying just kidding. But still, the person added unless which shows his seriousness towards his question. The tweeted story gets 56,000 retweets and 216,000 likes, which shows that the conversation got such a huge popularity in less time.
  • The joke or the serious question, whatever it is, made people so excited and made Twitter a place of likes and comments. On one side, the person is hiding his question by saying just kidding, and on another side, he is putting unless at last. Texting is an easy task, but what you are writing in can make fun of yours and make a good image of yours, so it all depends upon you.
  • There is nothing wrong with asking this question, but it is a part of the joke, but at some extinct, it seems to be a serious question that makes people so curious. If you tweet something on a Twitter, make sure that you are asking or publishing something relevant, which has meaning otherwise drop your question or idea. You must focus on the fox taming process and must learn how to tame a fox in Minecraft. It will help you to move close to the game and learn more about it.

Final Verdict

With the above information, you can learn what it is all about what if I put my Minecraft bed next to yours. The above details will help you to know about it and also helps you to know how to deal with other vital aspects of the game. You must check it out about all the necessary elements so that you won’t get into any significant trouble.

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