What is the Best Formation in FIFA 20?


In FIFA 20, there are multiple formations, and most of the players believe that not all formations are the same. Players think that there are vast differences between the formations due to which they have different importance. Some formations are simply better in keeping the ball’s stability, which helps to have a nice hit. Other formations are found to be good at defending the ball from any wave of attacks. Formations help to keep your ball and your shots safe from your opponent.

Best Formation in FIFA 20
FIFA 20 Offline Match 0-0 BVB V FCB, 1st Half

Usually, when players talk about formations, then they get confused because there are multiple formations. Players should know about all the formations, and it would be better for them as it will allow them to become a more knowledgeable player of the game. The main motive of the players is to grab the best formation so that they can utilize it and take advantage of it. The most beneficial formation helps the players to get the right shot with proper security.

For more knowledge about the formations, you can pay attention to further information. It will help you to enhance your knowledge about the formations as well as other aspects of the game.

Formations Tutorial

  • The 4-2-3-1 Narrow – This formation of FIFA 20 is considered one of the most rated formations from the last few FIFA versions like FIFA 17. It mainly gained its popularity in FIFA 18 and came into consideration and became part of a professional player’s life. The players of EA Sports usually consider this formation so that they can hit the best shots and earn more rewards
  • The 4-4-2 Flat – It is another one of the most popular formations of all the formations as it allows the players to have the advantage of the fast built-up potential. In 4-4-2 formation, six players are allowed to get involved in attacking the opposition party players. It helps the players to make the opponent team area thinner and allows them to have more extra space to work with. This formation is considered as the best for those players who love to attack fast. Players can easily focus on the clean sheet and hit the shot as fast as they want to.
  • The 4-1-2-1-2 Narrow – This formation is a straightforward formation which is mainly built around the pacey players. It provides one-two quick passes and also through balls, which helps the players to have new experiences. But this formation is not so demanded as it doesn’t worth anything. Usually, it gets gifted at exploiting space. This formation takes a lot of time, and it only has three players for playing the match.


The points mentioned above are some of the best formations in FIFA 20, which allows the players to know about new aspects. It will allow all the players to know that how these formations are useful and help the players. Every player has the right to know about these formations so that they can take advantage of it.

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