What is the best weapon in Valorant?

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Valorant is a shooting based game that allows players to experience a different environment with lots of features. For shooting, players need various weapons, and some weapons are considered as the best in Valorant. It is a riot game production, and riot mainly produces fighting or shooting related games. This game includes a lot of content that helps to provide huge weapons in the game. The content helps to provide new weapons on the map when players move on in the game.

best weapon in Valorant

There are five best weapons present in Valorant, which makes this game more interesting and exciting. Most of the players love to play this game just because of those weapons, as it helps them to defeat their enemies at once. The players need to know about each and every aspect of the game so that they can do proper utilization of the weapons. Some players don’t know about those best weapons, so here is the information for them to have great knowledge about them.

You can consider the below information to enhance your knowledge about the various best weapons of Valorant.

1. Phantom

It is considered as the number two best weapon in Valorant due to its damage output. It would be best if you preferred to use this weapon from some distance from your enemy because it helps you to remain safe. While shooting your enemy, you should first take care of all your moments and positions to ensure that you are safe.

2. Operator

 An operator is a common weapon in Valorant and CS: GO as it helps the players to operate well from a distance for shooting their enemies. It is generally referred to as the OP, and it can help you to hit 150 damage to the body and 255 to the head. You can take major advantages of this weapon. 

3. Vandal

In CS: GO, there is a weapon called AK-47, and in the same way, the vandal is for Valorant. It is considered as the same as the rifle and helps players to hit the enemy with full power. You can kill your enemy at once with the help of this weapon.

4. Specter

It is another best weapon in Valorant, which plays a significant role in the player’s life to kill their enemies. Specter is considered a solid weapon mainly for econ rounds, and you can buy it in the game just at $1600. While using this weapon, you should remain close to the area of the shooting.

5. Sheriff

Sheriff is considered the ghost pistol; that’s why it is the best weapon of the game. Players love to have this gun for shooting their enemies because it helps them to kill them at once with no other chance.

Wrap It Up

With the help of the above points, you are able to learn about various top best weapons in the Valorant. You can take advantage of these weapons whenever you want in the game, but for that, you have to clear some levels first. It can help you a lot in defeating your enemies so badly.

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