What is the Hideout in Escape from Tarkov?

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Hideout is one of the locations in Escape from Tarkov, which is considered as an internal part of it. It helps justify the Out-of-raid processes that happen to the characters for restoring their stash size and health. It also provides access to services of merchants and other objects and events in the world of this game. Usually, players prefer to visit this location for the betterment of their character and their surviving skills. Hideouts help the players have all the experiences they have never thought of via any other aspect.

Hideouts are initially as a cluttered and abandoned bomb shelter without any means of sustaining life. Players can build and change their hideout modules when they feel low and lack things in their character’s life. There are multiple Hideouts present in the game, which you can change, such as water collection system, power generator, intelligence center, ventilation medical treatment facility, heating bathroom, and other advanced modules. These are some places and things that help the players to have a feeling of real-life elements.

Hideout in Escape from Tarkov

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Further Details

  • Hideouts are a location in Escape from Tarkov where players can opt to have a change in their character’s life. Hideouts help to have changed in stash size, the health of the character, their intelligence, and many more. If players want to boost the efficiency of operational conditions, they need to install the power generator, which is filled with fuel. Due to lack of fuel, regeneration, and production of characteristics stops, which leads players to have huge problems.
  • The size of the stash is directly dependent upon the level of the hideout. Players with the limited editions of the game will get the large stash size, which can be received up-to level 4. In addition to the basic modules of hideouts, players can download advanced modules. It’s a very good thing as it helps players deal with multiple situations and allow players to have some relaxation. Hideouts are very good and the preferable location in Escape from Tarkov as it helps to improve multiple aspects of the game.
  • Hideouts are considered an integral part of the game, which helps to deal with all the out-of-raid processes which happen to the characters. The various processes which are justified are access to services of merchants, stash size, restore health, objects research and multiple events that occur in the game


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