What To Expect From Apex Legends' Upcoming New Level System

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Since Apex Legends was released, developer Respawn has always been trying to improve it as much as they can. Over the past few months, they have added new content and have introduced various changes. And now, they are again planning to improve their game by releasing a new update on December 3. The new update is going to feature some amazing new things, but players are currently excited about the new level system.

New Level Cap

Apex Legends is the kind of game in which you can level up by gaining XP. However, it currently allows players to level up to only 100. Once you hit level 100, you cannot progress any further. However, this is going to change after the December 3 update as Respawn is going to increase the level cap to 500 after it.

With the current level cap, players don’t have much to do after reaching level 100. After reaching the final level, all they receive is a max-level badge. They even receive only 600 legend tokens with every 18,000 XP gained. However, with the new level cap, players will have a lot to look forward to.

More Apex Packs

To begin with, players will receive more Apex packs thanks to the new level system. Players will gain one pack at every level between level 2 and 20, one pack every two levels between levels 22 and 300, and the one pack every five levels between levels 305 and 500. In short, the 500 level cap is going to reward players with a total of 199 Apex Packs, 154 more than the previous number. In addition to this, those who will already have reached level 100 will receive 14 Apex Packs that they would’ve in the new system. This means that if you’re on level 100, then there are going to be 14 Apex Packs waiting for you.

Start From Level 100

Respawn has confirmed that players who have reached level 100 will start with the same level after the update. Even if you have earned XP to reach further levels, you will still start from level 100. This is something that will provide you with the opportunity to grind for more Apex packs and cosmetics. Respawn has also decided to introduce a total of 36 new weapon charms, and players will be able to unlock them through Apex Packs.

The developers have also confirmed that they are going to reduce the amount of XP required to reach level 100 by five percent. This means that you will be able to level up to 100 much more quickly now. This is being done so that low-level players can quickly reach to the new system. Newcomers will also receive more rewards thanks to the new system.

In any case, it’s great to see that the level system is finally getting upgraded. Previously, many players complained that they don’t have anything to do after reaching level 100. Some players also might’ve left the game after hitting the level cap. But now, they will have a lot more things to look forward to.

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