What’s the Biggest eSports Prize Pool?

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In the eSports world, “The International” is one of the popular eSports championship tournaments where most of the gamers participate. This event is mainly about the game called DOTA 2. The whole event is hosted as well as produced by the developer called Valve.

The first time of this event was in 2011, and it was held at Gamescom for the promotional purpose. After that, developers started hosting such events annually, and there are 18 teams selected for this event every year.

In this event, 12 teams get the direct invite due to results from the tournaments completed in the series, which is called DOTA Pro Circuit. On the other hand, six teams are selected based on regional qualifying brackets. Each continent has one team to the cut-off in this event.

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After 2013, the tournament prize pool is crowdfunded with the use of a battle pass system, which is given within this game. So, 25% of the revenue is made using the crowdfunded amount for the prize pool. In the history of the prize pool, The International has the highest amount paid.
The recent prize for the winning team was US$34 million ($34,000,000). On the other hand, the winning team also gets the aegis of champion trophy for winning in this event. Apart from it, popularity or exposure can also help with a great future; that’s why you can try this event.
If you don’t know much about this game, then let’s have a look –

DOTA 2 – Overview

DOTA 2 is the second installment is pretty big upgrades in the past years. This multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA title) has a number of quirky features for team play and supporting other players. The valve is the developer of this game, and they are also the publisher.
The full of this game is Defense of the Ancients 2. The great design, realistic gameplay, and intense visuals make it one of the hardest games to try out. Due to the hard to play design, it is a very popular game among die-hard Battle Royale fans.
The aim in this game is to survive till last among other gamers. There are wide maps to collect required stuff, and then you are good to go with the progression. Participating in “The International” requires lots of skills, teamwork, and higher chances of winning rate.
If you think that your team has these qualities and you are a pro gamer in DOTA 2, then you can consider playing in this game, and chances will keep rising for participation. You can keep the eyes of the 2020 event of the International and make through the competitive gamers.


According to sources, this year, the prize pool might rise to US$50 million, and all interested gamers can try out their luck and become one of the advanced gamers in a short time. We hope that you gained enough knowledge about the biggest prize pool from our guidepost about The International and previous events based on DOTA 2.

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