When is Minecraft Shutting Down?

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Minecraft is one of the most famous games of the time, which makes the game more trending and provides more players to have experience in it. It mainly has 500 million players connected to it who are running this game currently. This game is mainly based on crafting and making items and shows your creativity and your talent. There was a rumour that the game is going to shut down soon, but it is not declared yet. The rumour is that the game will get shut down this year, i.e., 2020, but it is not true because it is not officially declared.

Minecraft Shutting Down

The players who are connected with this game are not properly aware of all the game updates. It is essential for the players to know about all the necessary elements of the game to deal with all the game-related situations. If you focus on all the Minecraft’s current updates, you can know about the news of its shut down or keep going.

If you are interested in knowing about your mentioned query, then you can consider the below information. It will help you know about the shutting down concept and various other aspects of the game.

Related Info

  • There is a site called 45 News, and according to this site, a story was published by Mojang on Twitter that Minecraft will get shut down. He announced the date for the game’s shutdown is December 21st, 2020, making a large number of population sad. But if you follow the link, then you will find out that the site in the question form is a prank generator. It happened just because to let you make the quick goofball news stories to make your friends sad and heartbroken.
  • When this prank got viral, google picked up the story and published it, making a large number of population sad. The game fans become so sad that they tend to hit the game and start getting it in their devices. When this news reached the game developers, i.e., Mojang and made him respond to this fake news. Then he replied to the news that “I can confirm that Minecraft Servers are not getting Shut Down in 2020.” This reply made all the fans of the so happy and again spread happiness on their faces.
  • The fake prank made everything in deep thought that whether the news is real or fake and to make all the people relaxed, the developers replied to the news. Players found to be happy after getting the developers’ reply and made them feel relaxed with the availability of all the versions of the game.

Final Verdict

By considering all the points mentioned above, you can get to know the real news about the Minecraft’s shutting down. It will also help you know how the game’s shutting down news got spread and made fans sad. You should always check out about such news so that you can easily clear your doubts which you have due to that fake news.

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