When will Minecraft Shut Down?

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You might know about Minecraft’s popularity and reputation, and most of the people are connected with it. It shows that the game has been loved by a wide range of populations and becomes a part of any player’s life. The news of Minecraft shutting down has made a wide number of players feel so sad and lousy. It leads them to suffer huge losses and also lead them to face depression; it made them face many severe problems in their life.

When players newly get to know about this news, they haven’t trust it, but when google displayed this news, players get so shocked. The news is shocking, especially for those who are connected to Minecraft from the past few years. The unique and different experiences provided by Minecraft are not so weak that players will forget it so easily. It is crucial for all the players to know about each aspect of the game to know about the truth.

Minecraft Shut Down

For knowing the truth about the mentioned aspect, you need to consider the below information. It will help you know about the news, whether it is real or fake, and reduce your stress which you have gained by thinking about the game’s shutting down.

Further Details

  • When players learned about this news at that moment, they got so shocked they tend to find out some proofs for that. According to a story by Mojang called Channel 45, News has announced on Twitter that Minecraft is shutting down its servers on December 21st, 2020. But when you follow the link, you will find that the site is fully based on the question pranks.
  • Someone has pranked on twitter, and Google finds it real and mentioned the same news on it. The site will allow you to make some goofball news to have some fun and entertainment. When Google picked up the news, it hasn’t searched the proper news and directly publishes it, making so many players get into stress. When players prefer to open the link, they find the entire link full of pranks and goofball news. It made the players feel happy that the game is not going to shut down.
  • When players get to know about the prank aspects, then they log in the Twitter and run to open that link. It made players feel happy and but they starred, shedding tears due to access happiness. You might be feeling it is fake news, but seriously players felt so happy and out of the world. The happiness made players so excited that they prefer to have more experiences with the game and have more memories with it.


By paying attention to all the above information, you can get to know that Minecraft’s news shutting down is fake. It will also help you know about the actual reason for the spreading of fake news. If you pay proper attention to all the above information, it will help you get the entire concept well without facing any problem.

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