Where are all the Spaceship Parts in GTA 5?

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The various Spaceship parts in GTA 5 are all collectible, and a total of 50 parts of the ship are present throughout the San Andreas. The experience of Spaceship is such a wonderful experience that helps the players to get more attracted to the game. The parts of the Spaceship are small and glowing, which helps to make the ship more attractive and innovative. Players can find the parts of the ship in the game if they pay proper attention to the various parts.

There are many parts available for Spaceship in GTA 5, but you need to be attentive enough to find them. Every player should know about the Spaceship parts so that they can deal with the situation and its various parts. Players require Spaceship to reach far places to complete their missions and to have different experiences. You need to understand the importance of Spaceship and its parts so that you can easily find them and take advantage of it.

Spaceship Parts in GTA 5

If you are interested in knowing about the various details to know about the Spaceship, then you can consider the below information. It will allow you to have a safe understand related to your query.

Further Details

  • The parts of Spaceship are small and glowing objects hidden mainly in various buildings, rooftops, underwater, and crevices. The parts have a slight humming sound, which players can easily hear when they are near them. The sound is usually there for finding them and helps the players to get the parts very quickly. Players should always be attentive when they are open to finding the various parts of the ship to find the parts as soon as possible.
  • There are a total of 50 parts, and some can be found on the foot, and others can only be found via helicopters. Different types of helicopters are available in GTA 5 with various shapes and sizes, so Buzzard helipads are suitable for this job. Players can get huge help from Buzzard in finding the various other parts of the Spaceship which are not found at footsteps. The main problem is some parts of the ship are hidden underground and won’t allow you to get the parts, so you need to be active.
  • The Spaceship parts can be available after Franklin meets with the Omega during the mission of Far Out. The mission is mainly for the Franklin, Michael and Trevor is only there to help him in collecting the various parts. Franklin can also use the chop to find the nearest parts of the Spaceship.
  • The location to find out all the 50 parts are linked with the Rockstar Social Club Account. It can be viewed under the tab of the Checklist.


By considering the above information, you can get to know where you can find the various parts of the Spaceship in GTA 5. It will allow you to know about various other aspects of the game and the Spaceship. The main thing you need to pay attention to is to utilize your time and activity while finding the location of the various parts.

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