Where are ATM's in GTA 5?

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ATMs are the machines that help players secure their money and withdraw only that much amount required. It is not only crucial in GTA 5; it is that necessity, which is essential in reality also. Players prefer to find ATMs because they want to make sure that their money is safe. The safety of money is a must everywhere in the world as it helps to buy various items. GTA 5 is such a game that is mostly based on real aspects.

The players related to GTA 5 always remain curious to know about various new elements of the game. One of the most common and essential queries of the players is where ATM is situated. When players deposit money in the bank for safety, they need to know about the ATM so that they can withdraw the money. If players do not know where the ATM exists in the game, it will be hard for them to survive.

ATM's in GTA 5

For knowing the further details of the ATM location, then you can consider the below information. It will allow you to grab the related knowledge and have fun.

ATM Tutorial

You can easily find ATMs on various places in GTA 5, such as in San Andreas, but here they do not serve any main purpose. It is only used at the time of various missions in the given area. When players go on a mission, then they must withdraw some money so that they can buy some new items or vehicles. For completing the missions, it is essential to have a fast running vehicle so that players won’t fail in their mission. Money plays a significant role in each and every aspect, so you need to be careful.

Apart from San Andreas, you can also find ATMs on other palaces, and they are –

  • Downtown Los Santos
  • Vinewood
  • Little Seoul
  • Del Perro
  • Morning wood
  • Rockford Hills
  • South Los Santos
  • Chumash
  • Paleto Bay
  • Sandy Shores

These are the places where players can easily find ATMs and have great help from them. It allows the players to have some relaxation after withdrawing the money. Try to be attentive so that you make sure that no one is following you to the ATM.

Players can also take help from their GPS location tracker to find the closest ATM and get money instantly. If you are playing GTA on PS3 or PS4, then you have to click on the back button of the Xbox 360 for PS3, and for PS4, you have to click the touchpad. One of the most famous banks of GTA 5 is Maze bank from where players can withdraw their money using it’s ATM. While finding the ATM, you need to be careful about no one will follow you a snatch your money from you. Money makes everyone greedy and forces them to steal it from others if they don’t have any other way.


The points mentioned above are very helpful in guiding you about where you will find the ATMs easily in GTA 5. It will allow you to withdraw your money whenever you means at any time at any place. You should try to be smart enough while considering the information to become aware of all the aspects mentioned above.

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