Where is the Army Base on GTA 5?


In GTA 5, there is one army base which helps the players to have various new experiences. The name of the army base is Fort Zancudo, which is hidden in the outskirts of Blaine Country, which is in San Andreas. Players should visit there as it has great huge reasons to visit there. It helps the players to have various benefits as well as unique greetings, making them feel somewhat different in the game. When you decide to visit the army base, it helps you get various items such as a Rhino Tank, P-996 Lazer Fighter Jet, and other goodies.

Most of the players engage in GTA 5 because it has some unique features compared to other games. When you enter the army base, you need to be ready for some surprises like you will get 4-stars wanted levels. It will help you to have some enjoyment and fun, and when you visit there, the army will come out with force and greet you so nicely. You will feel like out of the world as it will provide your greetings with heat-seeking missiles and some unique bullets.

Army Base on GTA 5

Here is some information which will help you to know more about the army base and also helps you to understand its exact location. It will help you to get some new experiences like greetings with army related weapons.

Related Info

  • The army base on GTA 5 is located on the outskirts of Blaine Country of San Andreas, which is a good place for the players to visit. The army base is listed as the Lago Zuncado on the satellite of the GTA 5 on the map. It is just in the South of the North Chumash Beach. In the East direction, there is a Mount Josiah and a small town of Harmony. Players will feel so relaxed after visiting this place as it helps them to get some new environments.
  • The army base is mainly situated on the satellite image, but it converts mostly on the map of GTA 5. The army base’s map conversion helped the players find the base easily and also helped them grab some advantages from it. To find the exact location of the author base, you have to notice the tip of the base on the map out of the short line. It is the best way to spot the army base and helps the players to have wonderful greetings.
  • If you want or enter the army base, then there are various ways available, which is surrounded by the gates, fences, and heavily guarded. You need to pass the guards present on the game so that you can have a safe and easy entry. You can also opt for flying mean for entering the base, such as helicopters, etc.


With the help of the above information, you can learn about the army base’s location on GTA 5. It can also help you understand the various new aspects of the game along with new experiences. You should be careful while entering the base so that you won’t get into any danger or misfortune.

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