Where is the Bank in GTA 5?

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In GTA 5, there is a Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank, which is a public bank and located in the Downtown Vinewood, Los Santos. It is used to deposit the cash and helps you to keep your money safe in safe hands. Usually, players prefer to deposit their money in the bank because they have a fear of being theft or stolen. Banks are a must, whether it is a real-life bank or a reel life; everyone needs it. You can also take advantage of the bank as it helps you to have some increment in your money in the form of FD.

Bank in GTA 5

You can opt for a savings account, which helps you withdraw your money at any place with the help of an ATM. It helps you to have as much as transactions you want to, but after a few transactions, you are started to pay some penalty. Every player should know about the bank in GTA 5 so that they can easily take advantage of it. One of the bank’s best features is that you can withdraw at any place. But there are some players who don’t know where the Bank located in the game is.

Here is some information which can help you to know where the bank is situated in GTA 5. It will also help you to know about various new aspects of the game and bank.

Further Details

  • The bank is located at the intersection of Alta Street and Vinewood Boulevard, which is on Downtown Vinewood, Los Santos. It is basically neighboring the iconic Oriental Theater. When you update heist, the bank is also available for the single-player characters, which help to save the bank from getting robbed. But still, single-player characters try to find other banks to have benefited from them.
  • In the day time characters and tellers, both are present, and at night, the bank is deserted, but players can still explore it. The bank is having a distinctive advertisement for Flow Water, and it is recognizable on top of the peak.
  • The bank has two entrances one is at the intersection of Alta Street and Vinewood Boulevard. The second one is to the east existing of the Vinewood Boulevard. In both the entrances, you will see the Automated Teller Machine (ATM), which will help you to have benefited from it.
  • The building of the bank is based on the First International Bank of Hollywood. It is located on the corner of Highland Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. The advertisement for Flow Water on the building could be based on the Sunset Vine Tower.


The above information is related to the query that you are having. It will help you to understand where the bank is situated in GTA 5. You will be happy to consider the above information because it is very simple and easy to understand. It will allow you to get the best information; you need to be attentive so that you can easily understand the concept well.

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