Where is the First Maude Mission in GTA 5?

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GTA 5 is filled with a lot of missions to keep the players connected to the game as it helps the players to have various new experiences. A new mission helps the players to have a new experience along with various new elements. Maude mission is one of the parts of the Bail Bond Mission, and it has complete four missions in GTA 5. As you all know that there are various characters present in the game. Each player gets three characters to play the game and can opt for a change in the character when they want.

 First, Maude’s mission is found to be in the Bail Bond Mission, which includes a total of four missions, and Maude’s mission can only conduct by the Trevor. Trevor is one of the characters of those three which are provided to each GTA player. He is the only one who can complete this mission as he only has those abilities that can take the mission to an end. The main objective to complete the mission is to find the four bail jumpers and to bring them to the Maude Eccles. Each Maude Eccles is for $10,000, and if you kill one, you can earn $5,000 each.

First Maude Mission in GTA 5

Steps to Complete the Mission

  • First of all, you have to talk to the Maude Eccles as Trevor because you have to choose Trevor as your character, especially for this mission. Trevor can only take this mission to an end and helps you to get the necessary bail jumpers to the Maude Eccles.
  • After completing your talk with the Maude Eccles, you have to find the Ralph Ostrowski, and he is located in the areas of Quarter Quarry. This area is on the southeast side of Trevor’s safe house and southwest of Maude’s house. You have to bring him to Maude’s home, and if you catch his attention, he will try to escape.
  • After finding the Ralph Ostrowski, you have to find Larry Tupper, and you have to follow the direct road to the south of Suburban Shop to find him. This shop is in the Sandy Shores, which is on the southwest side.  You can use the vehicle to make him surrender in front of you.
  • Then you have to find the Glenn Scoville, to find him you have to tram up to the top of the Mount Chiliad and then take the parachute.  If you have the stun gun, then you can slow down the time and shoot him with it.
  • After that, you have to find Curtis Weaver; to find him, you have to travel to the great ocean highway, which is in the east of the Paleto Bay.

Wrap It Up

By considering the above points, you can easily understand how to complete Maude’s mission. It will also help you to know where the first Maude mission is in GTA 5. You need to be attentive to learn the entire mission so that you complete it without facing any problem.

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