Where is the Ghost in GTA 5?

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GTA 5 is full of real-life-based stories and helps the players grab those experiences they might not have experienced in their real lives. Players can prefer to watch various missions and also need to complete them. If players don’t complete their missions, then they have to face huge problems. There is a person in GTA 5 who died due to some reasons, and her name is Jolene Cranley. When players see the ghost, then at that time, they need to act smartly.

Ghost in GTA 5

Many players are connected to GTA 5 just because it helps the players have some unique experiences. The ghost experience is such a different and scary experience, which makes players face various difficulties in completing their missions. It is a kind of Vinewood mystery that players need to solve for moving further in their missions. Players need to understand various missions of the game so that they can easily deal with various situations.

Related Info (Jolene Cranley – Evan)

  • In 1978 Jolene Cranley and her husband both were roaming around the cliffs of El Gordo Lighthouse. The couple is having some marital issues due to which Jalene’s husband doesn’t want to live with her; that’s why he wants to leave the country. But Jolene said she wants to live in the country only to take care of her parents and the guest house properly. 
  • Meanwhile, Jolene Husband pushed her from the cliff of Monte Gordo, and later on, she dies to various internal injuries. The fall from the height made her face so many injuries and also forced her to lose her life. Police found that Jolene had fallen from the cliff on her own, and her husband has nothing to do with this, and police released him. And the body was covered with blood, and she had not got any justice, which made her feel bad and made her spirit roam in Gordo’s areas.
  • Jolene ghost appears at the top of Mount Gordo in the evening time, i.e., between 11 PM to midnight. When players try to approach there, then the ghost gets disappeared. The areas where the ghost roams is a rock on which Jock was written with blood, showing the name of her husband, i.e., Jock Cranley. When players reach the rock at that moment, only the ghost disappears, which makes players not see the spirit. If you consider the map of the game, you will know where ghosts exist marked with a black cross.
  • The exact location of the ghost is Mount Gordo Campsite, and the behavior of the ghost is very polite and peaceful. She never hurt anyone, but she only wants to make her husband face the things she faced. She wants justice for her death and needs to make her husband suffer the pain. Her motive is not to scare people; she only wants her husband to feel the same pain that she had.

Final Verdict

The information mentioned above is all related to the Jolene Cranley, whose spirit keeps on roaming on the Mount Rock of Gordo Campsite. It will help you know about various aspects of the game and the death history of Jolene Cranley. You should be attentive and careful while going to that place for your various missions.

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