Where is the Prison in GTA 5?

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A prison is a place where criminals are locked for their bad tasks. It helps the city people to have some relaxation from dangerous criminals. One of the biggest prisons in GTA 5 is the state prison, i.e., Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Prisons are the places governed by the government and help provide proper safety to the city people. The government takes all the entire responsibility of the prisoners if any misfortune takes place. The officers of the prison are aware of all the elements of the building, which helps to keep the criminals under control.

The players who tend to play GTA 5 experience the real aspects of the game. Prison is such a place that players should know about so that if they caught by the police, then they should plan accordingly. If players learn about the prison location, they can get huge help in completing their missions. You should understand the way of prison so that you can make changes while completing your missions. Most of the buildings and places are located in the San Andreas or Los Santos.

Prison in GTA 5

If you want to know the exact location of the prison, then you can read further details. It will allow you to grab knowledge about those things which are throwing you in problematic situations.

Prison Location Tutorial

  • Prison has appeared in GTA V and GTA Online, and it is located in the Grand Senora Desert, Los Santos county San Andreas. It is governed by the San Andreas State Prison Authority, which is a responsible authority. The prison’s actual location is Los Santos County on the side of Route 68; it is just the down of road from the Harmony. The shape of the prison is like an octagon, which makes it have eight corners, and the Los Santos County Sheriff covers its perimeter.
  • The perimeter can be changed and sometimes get patrolled by the Los Santos Police Department. At the entrance of the prison, there are armed San Andreas State Prison Authority officers stand. The guards make sure that there will not be any breakage take place for in and out of prison. The penitentiary seems to be a real-life prison that resembles the Victorville Federal Prison in Victorville, California. The exterior of the prison resembles the Texas State prison, which is in Rocksprings, Texas.
  • Every prison is designed with numerous elements, and one from them is the speaker one. It helps to keeps on insulting the criminals so that they won’t feel like they have not done anything. It is essential to make criminals realize their mistakes so that they won’t feel relaxed, and after getting free, they do the same thing. Prisons are especially for those who are engaged in heist missions where players only need to perform crimes. There are a total of 41 quotes for the criminals they need to understand for their betterment; otherwise, they have to face a lot of problems.


By considering the above information, players can easily understand the prison location, which can help them relax. After knowing the location, players can know about what they need to do. It can help the players to deal with different situations, which can make them realize that performing crimes are not a good thing.

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