Where is the Quarry on GTA 5?

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The quarry is one of the missions in GTA 5, which Lester Crest gave to the players. It can help the players have various experiences of Lester Crest missions. It is normally available from 1 to 4 players who have to target the vans. If the players get failed in their missions, then they have to face a lot of problems. Players can lead to losing their lives and can also die as soon as possible. Most players are connected to GTA 5, but they still don’t know much about the game.

The main and the most common question by the players is that where is the quarry on GTA 5. If players get to know about it, they will be able to deal with various situations, mainly the missions given by Lester Crest. It is important for the players to know about all the related aspects of the game so that players can easily grab various benefits. If you want to pay attention to the important elements of the game, then you can lead to face huge problems.

Quarry on GTA 5

You should try to be attentive to reading the below information so that you can understand the solution to your query well. It will also help you to know about various other aspects of the game.

Further Details

  • The quarry is one of the major missions for the players given by Lester Crest. Players have to complete this mission as soon as possible so that they can grab various benefits. It can help the players to have extra lives, cash, and RP, and it depends upon the time of the players that they spend in the mission. The more time you spend on the mission, the more benefits you will receive, but you have to do it fast.
  • The quarry is a Davis Quarter Quarry, which is located in Blaine Country. The players have to pay attention to have vans in the provided mission as it is the main element on which players have to complete their missions. Lester Crest wants the players to complete their missions in vans, and if players lose the game, they will lose their lives.
  • When players get success in completing the mission, then they receive cash and RP and rewards. RP is mainly dependent upon the number of players; more players involved in the mission means more RP. It helps the players to get more rewards and benefits in the game.
  • The team of players has to obtain two vans that contain explosives. Players can find both the vans at Davis Quarter Quarry, which are protected by the armed men, including the snipers. When one of the two vans got stolen, then four enemies will run after the team to kill them. You have to bring both the vans to Lester’s Warehouse.

Final Verdict

The information mentioned above is very helpful to tell you about the Quarry mission in GTA 5. It can also help you to know how to deal with the vans and how you have to bring it to Lester’s Warehouse. If you get success in completing the mission, then you will be rewarded by various rewards such as cash, RP, etc. RP is the main reward based on the time you spend on completing your mission.

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