Where is the Strip Club in GTA 5?

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A strip club is am establishment in GTA 5, which offers various exotic dances by the various strippers and dancers to the various customers and players. The club helps the players to have some fun and entertainment after getting tired from a huge number of missions. The front shop of the strip club offers various forms, either as a part of street scenery like a red-light district or as an interactive local. It helps the players to complete with interiors and helps then to pay for the various facilities of the club.

GTA 5 is such a great game that helps to attract more players due to its significant features and uniqueness. Some players don’t know much about the game and about its various aspects, which make them feel low as compared to others. All the players must know about various aspects of the game so that they can easily find any place to deal with the situation. You should be active enough to find places by experiencing various adventures and ways.

Strip Club in GTA 5

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  • Strip clubs in GTA 5 has appeared in the area of San Andreas, where most of the GTA related stories and missions have taken place. These clubs majorly function as mini bikini bars where a huge number of girls dance and make their customers happy. Players feel relaxed after visiting these clubs and can easily find these clubs on the streets of San Andreas. In various series of GTA, girls don’t strip, but in GTA 5, they are especially there for making players and their customers happy.
  • The main and the only strip club in GTA 5 is The Pole Position Club, which majorly follows Shakedown that may be purchased by the players. If you want to open the various stages, then the Pole Position offers various backroom dances by the strippers. For backroom dances, players have to pay $5 for every 5 minutes and able to feel the environment. If players pay $300 together for the club dances, they can easily complete the club’s asset mission. It can help the players to grab various benefits from the strip club.
  • Once you complete the club asset mission, you will succeed in opening another club’s backroom. When a player enters the new room, he will see a cut scene that gets activated and stripper animated girls in the form of cowgirl theme dancing for the Tommy. Before the room is unlocked, there is a sign of No Entry-Management only posted on the door. The stripper of this room is rumored to be the twins and helps to provide more fun and entertainment.


The strip club is full of strippers and pole dancers that help the players relax and enjoy. The above information will help you to know where the strip club situated. You will learn about new aspects from the above information and also learn how to complete the club asset mission.

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