Where is the Treasure in GTA 5 Online?

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The treasure hunt is one of the most famous missions of all the other missions in GTA 5. It helps the players to have such great and unique experiences. To find the treasure locations or clues is very hard and most of the players remain worried about it. But no need to worry as there are some ways which you can opt for to find out the various treasure hunt locations. Players usually prefer to play GTA 5 online because they get a lot of money and other benefits.

Treasure in GTA 5 Online

There are a total of 20 clue locations to find the treasure hunt missions. It’s very hard to find the clues, but you can find them if you get proper guidance to find them. Players should understand the importance of clues so that they can find them with proper focus and concentration. If you find the clues with proper concentration, you will be able to know the various locations of the treasure. Every player has the right to know about all the necessary aspects of the game so that they can deal will any of the situations with proper safety and comfortability.

You can pay attention to the information below, as it will help you know about various clue locations. It will also allow you to have new experiences while considering anyone clue location.

Del Perro Pier

Del Perro Pier is one of the first clues for finding the treasure, and you can easily get the clue. The clue is fixed to one of the Pier’s Beams, and it is one of the best starts for completing the challenge.

Mount Josiah / Cassidy Creek

The second clue is located in Mount Josiah, which is in Cassidy Creek. This clue is hard to find as it is located at the top of the mountain. To find the clue, you have to visit the top of the peak, and then you will see the clue.

Vinewood Hills

The third clue that you will find is on the Vinewood Hills. You have to go to the top of the hills and make sure that you will visit there the help of a Juice Stand. When you reach there, then you have to find the clue on the Tourist board.

Pacific Bluffs Graveyards

The fourth clue you will get at the Pacific Bluffs Graveyard. It can be considered as the macabre location for the clue, but you will easily find it. Here you have to move towards the graveyard and find the clue which is attached to the tombstone.

San Chianski Mountain Range

The fifth treasure clue you will find at the San Chianski Mountain Range. You simply move towards the mountain range and find the clue on the post near the boat.

Final Verdict

All the points mentioned above are very easy and straightforward to understand the various treasure clue locations. It will help you know about various ways to find treasures, and apart from this, there are many other clue locations in GTA 5. You need to be careful while finding the location because some areas are risky to go through.

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