Where is the Weed Stash in GTA 5?

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Each player in GTA 5 is assigned with three characters, and players can choose anyone from them as per their abilities for various missions. For the weed mission, Franklin is considered the best character to complete the mission. Players can find the installment of Weed Stash on Sinner Street. It will help the players to have one-step forward to the Weed Stash and able to complete the mission. In GTA 5, various characters are available who provide various missions to the players, and players need to complete them.

Weed Stash in GTA 5

There are two Weed Stash missions that players need to complete to grab various benefits. If players get failed in completing the mission, then they have to suffer huge losses. There is a character named Barry in the game; you need to stay away from him. If you stay close to him, you have to face various problems and police to catch you for no reason. Barry will contact you to give you waypoints and some guidance for completing the mission. You need to be careful while meeting Barry so that police won’t see you.

You can consider the below points to know about various Weed Stash missions. It will help you to know about various aspects of the game and how to deal with the Weed Stash.

Weed Stash One – La Mesa, the Pickup

  • For the first Weed Stash, you need to move to the green circle of La Mesa. You will find yourself looking in the Murrieta Heights, which is one of the major roads. Then you have to look out for the various series of Warehouses in the South-East freeway.
  • You are looking for a large truck, and you will contact Barry when you reach the location.
  • Then you have to steal the truck and run for Vespucci Beach. Before starting your journey, you should opt for setting your GPS with the map to get the right directions.
  • In between, if corps start chasing you, then your waypoint will distract not your settled GPS direction on the map. Then you have to keep following your path and reach Barry’s apartment and drop the stuff.
  • Finally, you have to run away from his apartment when the mission is settled to be completed.

Weed Stash Two – La Puerta, the Drag

  • Here you have to go for the second green circle, which is to La Puerta. Here your target will be the Junk Yard, which is in the sight of the stadium. You will look for a blue car which is in a pair of garages.
  • Then you have to enter the car, but the cars will not start, and you have to look for a town truck. Then you have to sit in the truck and latch the car and drive it to Barry’s apartment. You need to be careful so that there would not be any crashes due to traffic on the way.
  • Finally, reaching the apartment, you have to drop it in the garage and leave the area as soon as possible.

Wrap It Up

The above information will help you to know about two Weed Stash missions in GTA 5. It will help you to understand the ways how you can complete the missions assigned by Barry. You have to be safe and careful while performing his missions.

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