Where to Buy Helmets in GTA 5?

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Helmets are a kind of clothing that helps people to stay safe and secure while riding a bike. It doesn’t matter whether it’s real-life or a game life helmets are a must. These clothing are available in almost every game series, i.e., GTA V, GTA Online, GTA, etc. In this game, all the players require helmets because while riding, they need it; otherwise, they have to pay fine and also lead their life in danger. 

Usually, players prefer to play those games, which allow them to grab huge benefits. GTA 5 is one of the real-life based game which related to the life of a criminal. There are a lot of heist missions and other missions that players need to complete with the help of their three characters. All characters have their abilities to fight in various situations, but they still need helmets while riding a bike.

Buy Helmets in GTA 5

You can consider the below information if you want to know the exact locations of the helmets that where you will get it. Here you can enhance your knowledge about how and where to find the helmets and take advantage of it.

Helmet Location Tutorial

When the game took place in the world of games, the helmet has first appeared in San Andreas. There are various types of helmets with unique features, which helps players keep their heads safe. You can opt for the purchase of the helmet from the ProLaps. CJ has access to purchase four helmets, and those four helmets are-

  • Full Face Helmet for $150
  • Helmut for $100
  • Boxing Helmet for $80
  • MotoX Hemet for $100

Helmets are purely cosmetic and won’t help you out with any crashes or bullets, so you need to be careful. Despite the biker themes in the Lost and Damned, the players don’t opt for wearing the helmets. Different players in GTA 4 can equip various helmets such as-

Helmets that Niko can equip are –

  • White with red and blue stars
  • All Black
  • White with red and blue stripes
  • Blue fading to white and blue

Helmets that Luis can equip are –

  • White, red and blue
  • Purple and Black
  • Grey and Blue

In GTA 5, Trevor wears a unique helmet, which is a black open-faced Helmet. The helmets which are worn by Michael and Franklin are the same, but their styles are different. GTA Online players can buy helmets from the clothes store, which allows them to grab various other items. The clothe stores help the players to have unique featured helmets such as bulletproof and with heist variants.

Helmets that Michael, Franklin and other online players can equip are –

  • Glossy all black
  • Mate all black
  • Steel horse orange
  • Glossy mirrored and many more.


From the above information, you can understand the solution to your query and know about the location of the helmets. It will also help you know various other aspects of the game, for instance, which player can get which helmet. You only need to be careful while selecting the helmet so that it will suit your mission and bike.

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