Where to Find Clay in Minecraft?

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Clay is an item present in Minecraft, which is used to make different items that can change their shape and size. It helps the players to make some decorative pieces and also helps them to have beautiful surroundings. When you decide to deal with clay, you should also learn about how big a chunk in Minecraft is. A chunk is a jelly-like block which is used to make different items with a soft texture.

You must know the size and shape of different items so that you can measure it and use items accordingly to make various items. Clay can help you make different items, so try to have proper knowledge about clay to use it properly with safe hands. It is safe in texture, and you should opt for it with soft hands so that you can make the items without any difficulty.

Find Clay in Minecraft

Some players are not aware of where to find clay in the game, so it is better to get some help from a guide and get all the information about it. You can consider the below information if you want to know more about the clay and its finding place.

Clay Tutorial

  • Areas to Find Clay – It is normally found in rivers and lakes at the bottom of these areas in shallow and crystal-shaped patches; you can find it. Disregarding the adjacency of various blocks, you can find the clay underwater with some precious elements. You can also find clay in swamps as they are also part of water and help you get it. Once you get the clay from these areas, then you can easily take advantage of it.
  • Crafting Recipe – For crafting a proper clay block, you have to open a crafting menu where you will get a crafting grid in which you will put the clay balls. In the first row, you don’t have to put any ball and leave the entire row empty. In the second row, you have to put two balls in the first and second box and leave the third box empty. In the third row again, you have to put two balls in the first and second boxes and leave the third box empty.
  • Can be used as a Gift – You can use clay block as a gift for the villagers and help them make different items, and one of the essential things that you can make with clay block is terracotta. Once you get to know about the clay thoroughly, try to learn how to tame foxes in Minecraft so that you can become friends with them, and have a safe survival.


Finally, after considering the above information, you can learn where you can find clay and also many other things. It would be great if you were patient while reading the above information as it will help you know more about the game. After getting proper knowledge about the game, you can easily deal with all the situations.

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