Where to Find Fuel Conditioner Escape from Tarkov?


Fuel conditioner is a tool which helps to purify the fuel and makes them clean properly. Usually, when players opt for rare and specific items at that moment, they require fuel conditioner to use pure fuel. It helps to make the item work properly and allows players to have some unique and special experiences. Fuel conditioner is an item in Escape from Tarkov that helps to purify the diesel to extent clean. It is important to have such an item in the game so that players can have great experiences with diesel related items.

There are different items present in the game that require diesel, which can only be run after fuel is purified. All the players need to have knowledge about different things so that they can deal with different situations. You should always be calm and patient while finding for fuel conditioner so that you can easily find it. Some so many players don’t know much about Escape from Tarkov, so they face numerous problems.

Find Fuel Conditioner Escape from Tarkov

Here is some information which will help you to know where to find a fuel conditioner.

Locations for Fuel Conditioner

There is a wide range of places where you can easily find the fuel conditioner. Once you get to know the exact locations, then you can get the conditioner at any time. It will help you to purify the diesel and allow you to use those items which work only after using pure fuel. The locations where you can easily find the fuel conditioner are as follows –

  • In the jackets
  • In the sport bags
  • In Dead Scavs
  • In Buried Barrel Caches
  • In-Ground Caches
  • In Technical Supply Crates


  • In the storage building on the shelves
  • On the bed of room no. 110 of 2 story dorms


  • At the power substation
  • In the torchlight store
  • Besides the various generators sitting on the ground throughout the map
  • At the back storage area of the Goshen Grocery store


  • In the Marked Circle


  • Sitting on the tables on the island


  • On the desk which is above the safe
  • The green boxes which are filled with Dead Scav next to the pillbox
  • In the pumping room which is on the floor

The Lab

  • The box near the extra 1 having fuel conditioner
  • In a caged room which contains robotic arms on the table

These are places where you can easily find the fuel conditioner and take advantage of them. It is essential to get these conditioners so that you can make rare and special items run. You can take those experiences which you won’t take via normal diesel. Opting for a fuel conditioner is the best idea that will allow you to experience new features and aspects.

Final Verdict

All the above locations are very helpful in finding the fuel conditioner. It will allow you to experience new things and makes you feel more comfortable after using rare and specific items. You only need to be careful and attentive while considering the information so that you won’t face any problem using it.

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