Where to Find Gauntlets in GTA 5?

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Gauntlets are a mission, and that can only be unlocked after completing the mission. It is related to stealing items and then delivering them the destination. Players need to target the Gauntlets and then steal them to grab various benefits from them. In GTA 5, there are a lot of missions available, but this one is the most interesting and entertaining. It helps the players to have various and unique experiences, which makes them feel more attracted to the game.

GTA 5 has such great features that help the game to get more fans, and the number of its fans is increasing day by day. There are some players who don’t know about Gauntlets, which keeps them from grabbing various benefits. It leads them to delay in completing their missions and makes them feel a lack of motivation in them. Players should opt for understanding this mission so that they can easily take advantage of it.

Find Gauntlets in GTA 5

If you have an interest in knowing about Gauntlets in GTA 5, then you can consider the below information. It will help you enhance your knowledge about the query you are facing in the long term.

Gauntlets Tutorial

  • Gauntlets have various locations that help you to get the item and complete the mission. The locations for the Gauntlet are Pillbox Hill, Rockford Hills, and Mission Row. The various protagonists who can complete the mission are Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, and Trevor Philips. The main target of the players for finding the Gauntlets is first stealing it and then modding and then finally delivering it. If you plan to score big, you can easily get the Gauntlets and take advantage of it.
  • The main thing that you keep in mind before planning to score big is that you can only score big if you have already completed the Stingers. If you hadn’t completed it, then there is no use of planning for scoring big. The Lester gives the mission, and players are doing it for Lester Crest to grab various benefits. The mission is not easy, but if you pay more attention and focus, you can easily complete it. You should always be attentive and active in grabbing more knowledge about the game.
  • Gauntlet is a three-part heist setup given by the Lester Crest in GTA 5, which involves the acquisition of three Bravado Gauntlets. Lester sends an email for all the three characters and provides them with all the three missions, which will help him to get all the three versions of Gauntlets. The characters will receive the mail as per their abilities and skills, which suits them well. He will inform all the three locations from where all the three characters have to steal the Gauntlets.

Final Verdict

All the above information will help you to know about various locations from where you can easily get the Gauntlets. It will also help you understand that all three characters are involved in this mission, and Lester helps them will all the related information. You need to take care of all the three characters that they are going and how they will perform to find the exact location of the Gauntlets.

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