Where to Find Guns in Escape from Tarkov?

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Guns are the basic and the necessary tools in Escape from Tarkov, which helps you to find against your enemies to win the battle. Almost all the guns are modular and filled with unique features that help to fight accurately. Weapons with more unique aspects help to deal with various situations easily and allow you to kill your enemies. The main motive of all the players in Escape from Tarkov is to defeat the enemies and stay for the long term in the game.

The players who are engaged in Escape from Tarkov might know about where to find guns, but the new users don’t know much about it. All of you need to know all the primary aspects of the game for better performance. Different guns have different ways to get used, so you need to know about each and every way do that you will easily use the guns. Usually, players love to play this game as it helps them get the same experiences that they don’t get in other games.

Find Guns in Escape from Tarkov

For more details about the guns and their locations, you can pay attention to the below points. It will help you to know about all the solutions to your query.

Guns Tutorial

  • Guns normally don’t get found in specific areas, and players need to find them or grab them. Most of the time, players need to loot the green crates in which they will get guns, pistols, and other guns related weapons. It will help you get those guns that you have never thought after looting the green crates. 
  • It will help you to complete your missions and allow you to kill your enemies. If you don’t find the guns, then it will affect you and also impact your surviving skills in the game. You can also opt for buying the guns from the game store, but that can only be possible when you reach higher levels. Every player should know about how to buy guns so that they can deal with various situations. It depends upon you whether you want to buy the guns or to loot them from green crates.
  • There are multiple ways to grab the guns, but you should know how to loot crates. If you know how to grab the guns, then it will be great for you and your life in Escape from Tarkov. It would be better if you opt for these two ways to get or finding the guns in the game. You can get massive help from the green crates for looting, and if you prefer to buy, you need to earn that much money.


All the points mentioned above are beneficial in providing you with the knowledge that helps you find the guns in Escape from Tarkov. It will allow you to fight against your enemies and make them defeat easily. You need to stay active and focused while reading the information so that you can understand the concept well and makes you feel happy.

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